Leo Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

As the week begins, you may feel dual minded about a steady relationship. You may re-think this bond, and may even consider breaking free. Well, relax! Don’t take any vital decisions, just out of sheer excitement of slyness. Talk to your partner to sort out misunderstandings and confusions. Mid week onwards, the period will be a good time to take your relationship to the next level, indicate the stars. Time during the weekend will be supportive for ones looking for short-term, flirty and sensual relations. Conjugal and sexual pleasures, specifically for singles, are indicated by stars during the ending part of this week.


With your determination, you may acquire sound practical knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the subjects. So, this week may help you make good progress in your education. It may require hard and sustained efforts for you to taste success in studies. Still, you will be able to improve your knowledge and parents may also be pleased with your performance. But stray thoughts may interfere and distract your attention. This may divert your focus from studies and hamper your progress to an extent during the weekend.


There may be some fluctuations in your health status during the first half of this week. Do not go to extremes, emotionally or physically. These tendencies may hurt your health and well being. It may drain your energy unnecessarily. Keep your wits about you, at all times, and drive carefully. Manage your lifestyle, and avoid late night dinners as well as over/ under sleeping. The latter part of this week may be much better and you may feel better with your energy levels. Gradual improvement in your fitness may make you feel confident.


The beginning of this week shall come as a welcome opportunity for matters related to wealth accumulation and real estate purchase. However, you must guard against hasty decisions, confusions and illusions in these matters. Deals may be struck, but must be done after extreme checks. However, do not take decisions related to either buying or selling of property or investing money in any risky instruments during the middle of this week. You must wait till a better period to operate around the weekend and then you may find better planetary support for gain and financial boost.


Career-wise, things shall be looking up, as the week begins. You may feel sorted enough to make right career choices. A good opportunity is likely to come knocking at your door, around the midweek. However, there may be some waiting period involved here. Things may take some time, before they start moving favourably and definitively for you. The latter part of this week may play an important role in matters related to your career. Thus, refrain from taking any major decisions related to your career choices or moves, and wait for the better period to operate during the latter half. It will be equally good for business negotiations.

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