Leadership Vision for the remaining ten months of 2021

2021 New Year 2021 leadership time clock
2021 New Year 2021 leadership time clock

Two months ago, we entered 2021 after a depression 2020. From forest fires to Coronavirus, we, as earthers, suffered a lot. 2020 did not spare the leadership journey either. We took numerous difficult decisions, from salary cuts to laying off employees. However, with the dawn of 2021, we restarted our journey with a blank slate. We held a possibility portal and potential precipice, hoping that the new year will help us bounce back. 

The promise and energy of a whole new year to delineate, envision, and launch our goals is heady stuff. How can you harness and amplify the power inherent in the unknown, the end of what you are about to become?

There are lots of ways to tackle the new year vision. We are two months down the road, and now I want to explore Leadership Vision for the remaining ten months of 2021.

 Let’s begin.

Connect to your energetic and physical intelligence.

Sit back and take four deep breaths. Imagine that you are a power vortex through which life is moving dynamically, always in the now. You are an energy portal in space/time, breathing in time and out of time concurrently, in multiple dimensions and streams. A rational knowledge of your real attitude is not needed for this journey. On your first breath, feel the power of the physical world entering through your toenails on the inhale and moving out through your head into the non-physical on the blow. 

Engage the power of your vision. Imagine the remaining of this year as if it were a movie strip. Each month is captured in distinct frames. Look at all the frames and observe the detailed scene. 

  1. Where are you? 
  2. What events are taking place? 
  3. Who is with you?  
  4. What are you doing?  
  5. Who are you being? 
  6. What cause are you following? What cause are you leading? Play with fast-forwarding and inverting the frames and see if you observe anything new. 
  7. What is the overarching theme for the remaining ten months? 
  8. How is it expanding and informing your vision? 
  9. Who have you become because of this revelation?

Translate the thought into a mind map.

Be in the vision’s energy, pick up your pencil and paper, and start doodling with the vision’s information. Feel free to develop your own process. It’s essential to play and have fun with this part. Unleash your self-expression.

Embrace your power and your presence.

Create a powerful intention to step into the most magnificent destination you can imagine. Be willing to work on a ‘new you.’ See the unfolding of you as a reality. Be the most important you that you can be! Feel the power of this being, in the becoming, know that the only person that separates you from this reality of you is time. Blend with this future you vigorously, feel the knowledge of this being. Step into him/her right now! Invite the power of this expanded presence to occupy every part of your body. 

Associate yourself with someone to guarantee your vision’s success.

Whether it’s a mentor, a friend, or the love of your life, great dreams require other people’s commitment. Anything that you can do on your own is just not prominent enough. You’re hardly scratching the surface; you’re playing in the dreaded safe zone. The extraordinary adventure is outside of your comfort zone. If it frightens you, now we’re talking. And if it frightens you, there’s only one thing to do, walk into it. That’s where partnering with others is invaluable. The right association will have you showing up bigger than you might have pictured for yourself.

Life’s experience seeks your uncensored willingness, eager engagement, and unleashed nature. This episode will come to a close. Your grand adventure is your life legacy. Here’s to an excellent you in the remaining months of 2021 and beyond.

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