Is my attitude my greatest asset or biggest liability?

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Although there seem to be countless discussions about how our personal attitudes so often shape almost every aspect of our life, there appear to be very few individuals who actually pay a sufficient amount of resources, time, and energies focusing on how we might best utilize this critical and relevant aspect of our personalities. Your attitude can either be a principal component of your self-destructive persona, or hopefully, it can help you become the kind of person with the abilities and focus that live up to your optimal potential. Therefore, it would be smart for each of us to take the time to objectively and introspectively ask, “Is my attitude my greatest asset or biggest liability?”

  1.  Do you know your real strengths, and do you use them to the maximum so that they present you with a vital degree of additional inner strength? Do you ramble or roam aimlessly, without a proper direction, or do you reach inside to strive for something more, more significant and better? Do you get engaged with less critical items, or is your aim to achieve something meaningful?
  2. Do you know yourself thoroughly, objectively, honestly, and well enough to be able to articulate your focus, priorities, and goals clearly? Are you able and willing to commit fully and immerse yourself so that you might potentiate your talent?
  3.  Far too often, people face inner struggle because they fail to place their values and preferences in sync. Avoid the easy temptation to be regulated by your fears or the comfort of your comfort zone, but rather try to show some individual and personal determination. Don’t forget to be yourself, but also try to become the best you that you can be! Stand up for your feelings and represent your point of view without prejudice.
  4. Avoid simply feeling bad or sorry for others. Instead, please make an effort and take out time to see things from their perspective in a genuinely empathetic manner. When you start with really caring about the needs and concerns of others and understanding your needs and personal preferences, it allows you to thoroughly, objectively, and fairly examine alternatives and evaluate options.
  5. Don’t simply look for a short-term solution or a quick fix! Instead, try to proceed in a realistic, relevant manner. Never settle for just good enough, but reach for the horizon, and cross it everyday.!

Our attitude can either be the greatest asset or an enormous liability. It’s always up to you and no one else! So, take out time, evaluate yourself and try to follow the points that we have explored above. 

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