Interview with Rajatkumar Dani and Pooja Dhanvijay, best selling author of ‘She’

Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani

Rajat Kumar Dani is a spirited researcher of Ancient History and Extraterrestrial. He is a founder of Dani groups and cosmagen space organisation. The soul is the perfect example of compensating for passion and profession. His passion for writing propelled him to be a well-known author of this era in the field of fundamental understanding of the universe. He has written his debut novel at a very young age named COSMAGEN.

Rajat’s endeavor is fabulous. His passion takes him on an interesting ride of life. He has been nominated for Padma Shree Award in 2019. And he has been invited as a guest speaker by lots of well-known institutions.

Rajat already proves himself as a versatile human. His works inspired many of the students.

His fascination for writing took him on another wonderful conveyance. Where he jotted down a beautiful realistic Fictional Novel named SHE.

The novel is all about the true story of a woman. Rajat is on his voyage and he met with that incredible lady. As Rajat loves to explore himself in various fields. His communication games are magical. So it leads to an astonishing conversation between two generations.

Her story was full of emotions, hardships, her struggle her failures her sacrifices, her sufferings as a woman, and most importantly after a lot of squabbles she still was happy, satisfied. She was searching the joy even in the cup of tea. She was a godsend.

Rajat was inspired. He deviated solely. Then he thought she was right,

Rahat said, “Our generation is brutal. We survive to maintain our fake epitome. And if one problem enclosed us then we get depressed and think about quitting life.

Our relationships are for our needs, we didn’t understand what exactly love is, what exactly family bonding is? What exactly the strength is?

So he reckoned that why not her story reached door to door of our generation. So the change which he realised in himself that same modification everyone will by reading this masterpiece.

So the story is of a warrior who fought with her every problem. And made her Destiny ceased to function.

The story of sacrifices, the story of sufferings, love, bonding, and most importantly the story of strength and patience. It will stimulate you to be a warrior.

In this avant-garde society where everyone talks about Women’s equality and rights, in that same society somewhere still Women are facing the predicament of being harassed.

It covers the life story of a woman who evolved herself according to the circumstances. And turned herself into a trooper and found her happiness even in the small things.

That story inspired Rajat Kumar Dani. He thought about her anecdote. He discussed it with his friend and collaborator Pooja Dhanvijay. Pooja is a student pursuing engineering. A very talented and young spirit who is also passionate about writing. Her ingenuity is even more remarkable.

When she heard about that lady and her life. She was fascinated and she was stimulated.

And also Rajat confided this with his one of the team member Sakshi Thakare.

20 years old Sakshi is also an Author of Everything Happens for the best. She had completed her writing works mostly about teenagers. She is also a student pursuing her English Literature. Sakshi was entirely captivated by the story. And then they all talked about today’s generation.

How this age group becomes vicious?

How every one of us chasing our goals. And failures, no today’s epochs don’t know what after it? And that leads to severe depression and anxiety issues. It renders them to think about quitting life.

So they came together and Rajat Kumar Dani concluded that through the story, they will understand how failures look like. What the real happiness is?

What’s exactly the real meaning of life is?

Every question where our generation is losing. In this world of maintaining fake epitome, there is still a slightly small thing in which contentment exists. Just the need is, today’s youth needs an eye-opener.

Rajat has something in his mind. He has always been incredibly inspired by the woman. He always thought about how much struggle one lady do to live. How much she sacrifices for her family her children even for society. So he wanted to write this tale which is about strength, patience, and a whole lot about a women’s life. It’s about the evolved trooper.

The novel is all about the story of Radha, Who fought from her childhood and her destiny always take care of putting so many challenges in front of her. She still combated with them and stand again with the spirit.

She experienced a lot of failures but besides all that she evolved herself to be a warrior. She sacrifices everything for her loved ones.

The story is all about a lady Warrior. SHE – The beautifully authored by Rajat Kumar Dani and Pooja Dhanvijay.

It is available on Amazon here

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