How to find the right personal injury attorneys for your case


After sustaining some injuries, the last thing you expect is to handle a legal battle. You can avoid this if you hire a reliable and experienced personal injury attorney Huntsville to work on your behalf. You need to have a personal injury attorney because they have the right skills and experience in legal proceedings, filing paperwork, and many more. 

However, it can sometimes be quite hard to find the best personal injury attorney considering that there are many out there. This post explains how to find the right personal injury attorneys for your case.

Case value

Remember that you can encounter many personal injury attorneys who may try to lure you by promising to settle your case pretty fast or even give better services. The truth is that no ethical personal injury attorney can try to do business by making such types of claims. This is because every personal injury case can be unique and has several variables that may affect your case.

Therefore, when it comes to case value, an ethical, experienced, and honest attorney needs to advise you of the forms of damages you can recover. They should also explain to you the limits the law applies to these damages. An attorney should also tell you all the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and how these can affect the outcome.

The two basic categories of recoverable damages are usually economic and non-economic. Economic damages are measurable and refer to the past and future lost wages, medical and care expenses, and household services.

On the other hand, non-economic damages are not measurable and relate to the suffering, pain, emotional harm, loss of care, loss of dignity, and many more. These damages can be awarded by juries and judges. 

Therefore, an experienced personal injury lawyer needs to discuss these issues with you and even explain how they relate to your type of case. Ideally, you and your attorney should calculate the economic damages as well as discuss the non-economic damages settlements in similar cases. A good attorney can also discuss various factors that may affect the case based on similar cases.

Client reviews

With this internet era, it has become easier to find out how companies are rated by consumers. This is no different with personal injury attorneys when it comes to what customers think about the legal firm and other customer service related aspects of the business. 

You can get a lot of information from the previous client reviews. This information can assist you to figure out whether or not the personal injury attorney you want to hire is right for you. You can even check the type of similar cases the attorney took, how they were handled, and the satisfaction rate of most clients. 

The reviews should always come from real attorney’s clients. Keep in mind that ethical personal injury attorneys will not pay their customers to leave a positive review. Hence, clients appearing on a lawyer’s website, advertisements, and who offer online reviews must be verifiable and real ones who have worked with the specific attorney. 

They should explain the various stages of your case

A personal injury attorney must be in a better position to explain how your case may proceed. After all, if you can’t understand the legal process, it may be hard for you to participate in it. 

Therefore, during the first meeting, many experienced personal injury attorneys tend to explain the stages involved in personal injury cases. Firstly, the case needs to be properly investigated to make sure that there are the below elements.


To proceed with any personal injury case, you need to prove that the person you believe was responsible for your injuries owed you a duty of at least reasonable care required by the law. For instance, you may be aware that you have a duty of care to fellow drivers while driving. It means that you must drive safely and abide by all traffic laws.


When you determine the relationship that leads to a duty of care, then you must establish that the party at fault did not comply with that duty. This is what is known as a breach. So depending on the type of your case, you can sometimes require experts in specific fields to establish all the actions needed for the party at fault to fulfill their duty, and the actions or inactions that contributed to the breach.

Once you determine that the party at fault breached their duty of care, you still need to prove that there was a link between the breach and the injury that you sustained. This is what is known as causation, so if this causation relationship doesn’t exist, there are good chances that you can lose the case.


You also need to prove in a personal injury case that there were damages. It makes sense that in a personal injury case you must sustain injuries. Today, it’s possible to walk away from a vehicle accident without injuries considering that there are excellent safety features. 

Regardless of whether or not the accident was caused by someone’s fault, there cannot be a personal injury case if there are no damages. It’s worth noting that the damages to your vehicle are considered to be property damage, so they do not count. If the lawyer’s investigations find evidence of any of these elements, then they can decide the way to continue with your case. 

So your attorney can decide to go for a pre-suit settlement. This is when the attorney gathers the evidence and gives it to the party at fault informally. They can argue as to why the party at fault needs to bear responsibility for the injuries you sustained. 

If the two sides can agree on the right amount, and you accept it, then the case is settled. If they don’t agree, the case can go for litigation. Litigation will mean that a lawsuit is filed in court.

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