How to deal with Head Cold when stuck at home


If there’s one condition that is not life-threatening but can knock you on your legs, it’s a head cold. To add insult to injury, there is very little you can do to bypass or get rid of a cold once you’ve held on to one.

I am presently just getting over a head cold, and I can tell you that it is a pain in the arse. The sore throat, runny nose, and constant sneezing are really troublesome. It also looks like no matter what you are trying to do, there is no getting over it easily and quickly. As a physician will tell you, sleep and rest over the next couple of weeks, and the cold will pass.

Since I’m presently encountering the symptoms of a common cold, I chose to see exactly what cold is. It turns out that a cold is a communicable viral disease that will affect the soft lining or the mucous membrane of our nose.

We can also catch several colds in our lives because there are many varied types of viruses (Hi COVID-19) that will result in a common cold. The great thing though is once you contract a particular virus, our bodies will learn the answer to defeat it ( Hi COVID vaccine) for the next time. So you can only get affected by the same cold once.

Don’t worry; there seem to be lots to go around. This virus is also an assertive disease. It can be contracted from simple hand contact or airborne droplets. So, if one captures the virus in your office or home, it is really only a matter of time before you will catch it too.

A person is also infectious from about a day before it breaks out till a couple of days that you feel more normal once the cold leaves. The only way that I’ve found relief from the common cold symptoms is by resting, drinking warm fluids, and taking steamy showers.

I woke up every morning during this particular cold head period simply because taking the steamy shower and hot water gargling helped me clean my throat and nose.

After a few minutes in the shower, I cleared most of the congestion and went back to bed.

It didn’t take long for me to pass back out and wake up in the morning feeling a bit more refreshed than I may have handled without the shower. So, if you are experiencing a common cold, put your feet up and try to be patient. You have about two weeks of a company from a bug that will make you feel like crap!

Here are other things you could do to manage Head Cold while stuck at home (other than the couple of things I mentioned above)

  1. Ginger: A few slices of raw ginger root in lukewarm water helps soothe a sore throat or cough (side affects of Head Cold).
  2. Echinacea: Native Americans have employed the root and herb of the echinacea plant to treat infections for hundreds of years. Its active ingredients include flavonoids, chemicals that have numerous therapeutic effects on the body. For instance, flavonoids can boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.
  3. Rest: Unwind, and just relax.

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