How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected lives globally

The coming of a viral pandemic threw the entire world into frenzy and life as we knew it before changed indelibly forever. Governments put measures in place to control the spread of the virus and some of these measures include lockdowns, closure of borders, and strict quarantine controls. Businesses were badly hit by the lockdowns and there were no predictions for any of them. Billions of people who thronged the roads everyday couldn’t anymore and the pandemic changed everything. 

Those who loved going out had to stay indoors and find ways to do everything online – be it entertainment or shopping for essential items. The declaration of social distancing rules meant that regular public zones could not function as usual but that was good news for online industries such as e-commerce, gaming and TV Show platforms which recorded a massive surge in membership. 

Since people had no choice but to sit at home, they had to think of ways to make things a lot more entertaining for them so many of them understandably turned to the Internet. The online traffic spiked and one of the areas that recorded the massive jump in traffic is gaming and platforms like Netflix/Prime. 

Things that people did during the Pandemic

  • Online Learning

Several people around the world chose to use the Lockdown period productively by registering for educational courses online in the hope for certificates that could accelerate their career. People developed new skills in Technology – be it the latest programming language or another subject that they had been wanting to learn since a long time.

  • Online Shopping

Once e-commerce sites opened up and delivery began, people rushed to buy their favourite clothes, pots and plants, beauty products, food and a lot more from platforms which started offering products for a slightly reduced rate. 

  • Video Calling

Everyone was using video-calling platforms to stay in touch with friends and family and found comfort in seeing each other on the screens. This allayed fears as well as anxieties and helped people stay positive during trying times. 

  • Hobbies

People developed new hobbies or went back to their old ones which they had as a child but got lost along the way to adulthood. Be it music, dance, cooking, art, gardening  – the world explored it all. 

  • Gaming

Youngsters were thrilled that now they could fulfill all their gaming aspirations sitting at home, through either videogames or best online casinos by Casinofy. The gaming industry thrived as millions around the world had the freedom to stay at home and balance both work and gaming at the same time. More users discovered that they were spending more time on these websites and membership jumped to thousands of new members every single day. They have been of very significant help to people during this COVID pandemic and the benefits derived have been obvious. People were able to stay entertained, active and positive. These websites have also created sources of income for people. Many of those who did not have jobs before are now able to make decent money.

  • TV Shows

Youngsters and adults found paradise in the huge variety of tv shows and movies available on multiple platforms. Membership surged on these websites and so did the amount of content being curated to satisfy millions of bored/depressed people around the world who had to stay confined at home. These shows alleviated depression to a large extent and kept people mentally active. 

  • Fitness/Yoga 

A lot of people resorted to Yoga and other means of exercise to finally start fulfilling the weight loss/fitness goals that they had been procrastinating since years. The results did show and people posted a lot of content on social media to showcase their journey as well as newly fit bodies. People also intensely worked on their health, in an attempt to improve immunity to fight COVID-19. 

  • Social Media

Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms also saw a surge in traffic. They came up with new features to keep the users entertained, such as Reels by Instagram. People created content from the comfort of their homes for billions to watch all over the world. 

These are only the most common things that most people did around the world during the Pandemic, there is a lot more to be explored on how businesses were affected and what is predicted for them. It was a time of learning for the world with lessons that we will always cherish despite the tough days. These have been testing times but the world has shown great strength in fighting it together by acting on community spirit. We found ways to deal with our problems and we dealt with them together as one family. 

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