How can leaders remove ‘Self-Doubt Addiction’


Just know this today, Self-Doubt is a bad Addiction. That dark voice in your head, the one that just sounds something like:

  1. I just can’t.
  2. But what if.
  3.  It isn’t good for me.
  4.  I’ll start looking like a fool.
  5.  Perhaps I shouldn’t.
  6. Perhaps I should have.
  7. I’m not at all ready.
  8. If only I was.

These are dangerous thought based additions, and I am sure you’ve had it in life. 

Whenever you indulge in one of these dark, questionable thoughts, you are merely intoxicating your power (personal power) and ultimately drowning your efficiency. 

Do you want proof? You can see them in your results. Look at what exactly you have. You should know you really deserve it. There is just no doubt about it. Is the same reality about what you don’t have? Try taking an honest look. You may ‘feel’ you deserve more money, for instance, but consider there is self-doubt around what it would take for you to generate more income. For instance, why haven’t you asked your manager for the raise you really want? Or why haven’t you doubled your number of customers in the last financial year? Do you hear your dark self-doubt addiction come up right then?

Why would we even consider this addiction? Like all other bad addictions, there is a payoff or pleasurable response. What is the profit of self-doubt? You start taking fewer risks and dodge uncertainty, and this amount of safety is highly comfortable. And this is fine, I am not denying that. It’s just not what you want. What do you really want? Whatever the answer is, it doesn’t stand a chance without uncertainty, risks, and action. So let us begin.

Stopping a self-doubt attitude is just similar to quitting an addiction or any other bad habit. The primary step in defeating this addiction is admitting you have an issue! If you’ve ever been addicted to smoking, drinking, sugar, or coffee, you’ll know that the start is the toughest. Every time you oppose the temptation, you are a little more effective in doing so. Ironically, it is self-doubt that often has us abandon to our cravings/addictions. However, treating self-doubt as addiction itself is incredibly powerful because you are now dealing with the truth: That thought is not you, just as an ice cream craving is not you.

See the thought. Stare at it and loudly call it out. The great news is, laughter is the greatest medicine for the following withdrawal symptoms. It’s hilarious how much time we give to these thoughts and how often we automatically let them build our limits. So please, don’t worry about this self-doubt addiction. See these thoughts, give them a good chuckle, and say, “There is just no room for self-doubt in my life. Today I decide what I want. Today I proceed towards glory anyway!”

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