How can a ‘savior’ book reignite your creative spark

For those of us who make crafts, paint, write, design stuff, etc., getting stuck is sadly a common recurring issue. It feels like we have consumed all our creativity in this life, and we find ourselves extremely dry – without any innovative ideas penetrating our mind.

We fight and spin our wheels, trying to get re-energized and full of innovation and creativity once again. The harder we try, the more challenging it is to get that lost “spark” back. It seems that we are stuck in a downward spiral, and there is no way out of it. It seems our creativity has hit rock bottom. 

What often occurs is that we get permanently fixated on the negative – not being able to drive forward. The more we keep thinking about it, the worse it really gets. What we ultimately need is a completely new perspective – something alive and fresh and something we admire or love.

I always keep something really close to me. I call it my ‘savior’ book which I open during times like these. It is an extraordinary help and always gets me creative again no matter how hard life hits me.

What you need is:

  • Clear pages with pockets
  • Glue
  • A photo album
  • A camera/Smart Phone with a camera
  • 15 minutes three times a week

Now that you have the outer trappings, you need the important stuff: intent. The intent is what you need with everything else I’ve mentioned above.

Take some minutes to look around you. Notice textures, colors, smells, shapes, and different sounds. Gather pictures or samples of all the stuff that speaks to you or keeps you happy. When you are out and about, do it again. Keep your smartphone with a camera or a DSLR/Polaroid with you so you can click a picture of those cute dogs frolicking in the grass or that darling knick-knack you admired in the specialty shop or the incredibly blue sky on that sumptuous summer afternoon. You get the idea, right. Now fill your new album with pieces and bits and photos of all these things that push you.

When you in a rut or feel stuck, pull out your ‘savior’ album. Stay with it for an hour. Let all your treasures tell you their tales – in full color, sound, and dimension – until you hit on one that pushes your creativity. Now you are off and ultimately running again. Wasn’t that entertaining?

You can use your ‘savior’ book over and over again. Be sure to keep on gathering materials for it so you have a fresh inspiration to jog new ideas.

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