Hand Fasting Ceremony, Venue and Decoration: Preparation Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding


You are still high from your engagement, but you have started facing the challenge and excitement of preparing for your wedding. You may have a lot of mixed emotions right now, and that is entirely normal. After all, you do not get married, and you would want one of the most important days of your life perfect. The key to making it happen is to plan appropriately. You need to stay calm and keep your focus on thinking about how you want your wedding to be. There are a lot of preparations and choices you will need to make and sometimes they can be overwhelming when you are running for time.

We are here to help you by giving you some advice to have an unforgettable wedding like including a hand fasting ceremony. Hand fasting is an ancient ritual in which both the groom’s and the brides’ hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives.

Now, you need to do is list down every single detail for the wedding no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, nothing is unimportant when it comes to your wedding, so you won’t want to miss anything. Now once you are finished with the list, you need to focus on the major aspects and make your decision early since it takes time for you to prepare these things.

Venue and Decoration

Renting a venue is often very expensive for a limited time. If you have a big yard or your parents do, why not hold your wedding there? Or if there is a spacious public park close by, you may also consider it. Having a free venue will significantly reduce your expenses, and you and your guests can enjoy more since there is no time constriction.

You can go for a classic and elegant one in the Historic Districts, or you can go for a modern one in one of the best hotels in the area, or you can also go for a beach wedding. There are many beach wedding packages you can choose from if you want a perfect beach wedding, packages are often good since they include everything already, so there is no need for you to stress yourself over everything. The only job you have is choosing from their list of offers.

Also, do not overdo flowers. Many brides think that more flowers mean more elegant and more beautiful. What you need to understand is that everything is dependent on how they get arranged and decorated. Less can even look more elegant since too much can make the venue look over decorated.


Hiring favorite restaurants to do the catering will cost you a lot of money. It is advisable to go local if you or your family and friends know anyone who caters then go for it. Most of the time, small-time caterers offer delicious meals at affordable prices. What matters is everyone will have enough good food to eat. If some of your family members are good cooks, they could also do the catering.

If you did not go for a wedding package, then you need to check on your caterer. You can choose to have the venue cater to your food as well, or if you know a good caterer, then you can go for them. Choose food early on so the budget is set and you can have some taste tests as well.


Images taken before, during, and after the wedding is significant. It is an event you want to remember for the rest of your life, so you want all significant parts like your hand fasting ceremony captured in a photograph. Just make sure you have a pretty rope used for that memorable moment. Usually, when you hire a wedding photographer, the package includes everything from your pre-nuptial shoot to the wedding ceremony and finally during the reception. What you need to do is check on the portfolios of the photographers you short-listed and choose the one whom you like their style best.

Clothing and Accessories

Your outfit is of the utmost importance. Early on, you need to know what you want to wear, the style, the design, and the accessories that you will wear with it. You can choose to buy a ready-made gown, or you can have yours made, and if the budget is tight, then you can opt to rent one. The choice is yours, but you need to make it early so you can get assured it will fit you entirely at your wedding.

Wedding Gifts For Help

One of the best things you and your partner can decide on is to ask for help instead of wedding gifts. For example, one of your friends is a good photographer, why not ask him to be your official wedding photographer instead of him buying a gift. More often than not, friends and family are more than happy to help you out as long as you are not demanding.

Remember, You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune to Have an Unforgettable Wedding

Getting married is undoubtedly a significant milestone in your life. It is one of the most celebrated and joyous events in your life; therefore it takes a lot of planning and preparation. It is every bride’s dream to have the perfect wedding. They give their full effort and time preparing for it. You may be excited and keen to have the best, but it doesn’t mean you have to overspend for your wedding. Spending is not a bad thing if you know you can get quality. You won’t want to start your married life paying off debts. That is stressful. It is better to have a simple and inexpensive ceremony that is memorable rather than having an extravagant one and facing problems and negative consequences after.

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