Gain Knowledge About Some Effective Online Mattress Marketing Strategies


Advancement in technology has transferred the mattress market from showroom to the web. It has eliminated the need for middlemen, so the cost of products has reduced [no commission]. However, this good choice has nourished a wide-ranging competition. Therefore, there is a need for not just GOOD but BETTER marketing, so as to differentiate brands on a crowded platform. 

Quick Google search will uncover a list of the best mattress companies [old and new] jostling for customer’s attention. Therefore, new online-only mattress start-up businesses have flooded the internet. Each one is offering revolutionary products directly to consumers. Moreover, the mattress industry hallmark is to offer a 100 days trial prior to your purchase. 

Get to know some efficient online mattress marketing strategies 

Optimize your website for right SEO

Proper SEO is needed, so as to enable search engines to find and rank you. There is no need to be an SEO expert, so as to understand and apply SEO basics.

  • Keyword research
  • Optimize product pages
  • Include quality links
  • Website structure needs to be search engine friendly
  • Mobile friendly site [responsive] boosts website ranking
  • Consistently add fresh and engaging content

If you desire to increase sales on e-commerce stores then it is necessary to improve your visibility on search engines. Apply the best SEO practice and put genuine effort to attain top ranking on search engines. 


  • Great storytelling is an effective way to distinguish your brand from competitors. 
  • Talk about your origins. Build a brand with passion, so people feel it.
  • Focus on values as they echo with your target audience and strengthen brand image.
  • Use rich media for creating immersive experiences to delight people.
  • Focus on why US over competitors?
  • Sell an experience
  • Pay attention to language – is it authentic, emotive, and syncs with your brand?

Be vibrant on social channels 

Active presence on social channels helps to reach and bond with the target audience. Social platform is to –

  • Express – Twitter
  • Connect – Facebook
  • Share photos – Instagram
  • Be seen and heard – You Tube

Online mattress retailers need to offer rich consumer experience through –

  • Being consistent in use of image, language, and presentation. Your social profile will become familiar in the minds of target audiences.
  • Being distinctive and setting themselves apart from competitors. As social networks are cluttered, it is crucial to be different.
  • Your voice tone is great but links it to your website landing page. 
  • Shoppers expect brands to be human, personable, and genuine….so be yourself.

Every social media added means an extra route connected back to your mattress website. Quality content you post on social media gets shared thus increasing inbound traffic. Inbound traffic is limited [people who already know about your brand] without social media connection. Incorporating social media means more inbound traffic gets generated and extra traffic means more leads and possibly more conversions. 

Gain subscribers and create an email list 

First it is necessary to gain subscribers. Social media and Google are a good source to obtain traffic but due to sudden Facebook algorithm fluctuations there may be an issue. Your social media followers may not be able to read your posts. Therefore, it is critical to direct social media followers and site visitors to an email list. This email list is your online asset because no one can deny you to connect with your subscribers. 

  • Be creative and convince audiences to subscribe and join your email list with compelling assets or offers. 
  • Consider incentivising subscribers with a gift, coupon, ebook, or offer, when they make a purchase [offer something valuable to your audience].
  • Consider personalizing welcome emails, so as to build a good relationship with new subscribers.
  • Your welcome series needs to convey the width of the product line your storeroom offers.
  • Outline the types of email you will send to subscribers. How often?
  • Clearly outline the sender of welcome emails and what they are about.


Good newsletter helps to build brands, close sales and develop your mattress business. A much better one can propagate your brand identity, image, and tone. Subscribers engage in the first couple of days after sign up the most, so it is crucial to start building rapport instantly. Newsletter needs to have appealing graphics and potent call to action directed towards your online mattress store. It should also be linked to your social accounts. 


Blogs are crucial to boost digital footprint through SEO, generate leads, increase traffic, drive referrals, enhance backlinks, and even improve email marketing. They are great tools to engage niche communities and hubs, where you can announce brand voice, personality, and values to ultimately connect. 

  • Blog design and feel needs to be tailored, so as to suit your target audience [make them coming back].
  • Fill your blog with interesting content making it worth for consumers to return. Insert links to your e-commerce website.
  • Content does not sell but is a way to display that the product you deal aligns perfectly with the consumer world.
  • The main challenges business owners experience, while blogging is not knowing what topics to write. Writing about products is a wrong strategy but choose topics that offer solutions to consumer’s problems relevant to your niche. 
  • You can offer expert sleep advice and help shoppers as they start research on mattresses across the internet. 

How to help mattress shoppers?

  1. Initiate conversation online – Your website can be turned into a sales person guiding shoppers through the sales process, free sleep consultation, collect lead data and continue conversation, when a shopper visits the showroom.
  2. Evaluate sleep needs – Get to know each shopper’s sleep needs and preferences. Offer an online evaluation and identify their sleep issues to help them resolve.
  3. Educate them – Educational material on your website will help consumers research their options before they enter your showroom. Shoppers feel confident because now they are well aware of their wants.
  4. Engage shoppers – With tough and worldwide competition, it is essential to build engaging website experience, which keeps visitors engaged for long and builds trust. Make sure that the content is relevant and interesting to make them return back.
  5. Offer personalised advice – Apply smart technology to deliver personalised content on what visitors viewed on your website. Email them with a personalized thank you and invite them for a visit to your showroom.

Social influence marketing

If you have money, then partner with social media celebrities [popular among your target], in order to connect with a worldwide audience. Fostering rapport with influential bloggers with considerable subscribers/followers can be a great way to increase brand visibility, engagement and sales. 

Influencers are people you trust. They tell you the reason for choosing your product or services with a voice that sounds genuine. An influencer is a mutual friend of the consumer and brand. They are well connected, authoritative, and are trend setters. Due to proliferation of social media, mobile phones, and video content influencers are becoming constant buddies of your target audience. 

Guest blogging

Blogging on your personal blog means connection is limited to your existing audiences. Guest blogging gives an opportunity to connect with wider new audiences, who may be unaware of your presence. You need to have posted amazing content on your blog, which helps to prove your capabilities to the popular blogger on whose blog you desire to become a guest blogger. 

Guest blogging will help you to –

  • Demonstrate your authority in your niche and build credibility writing helpful contents.
  • Increase your brand exposure.
  • Attain Google Authorship, which enhances ranking and click-through rates.
  • Get inspirational comments that give new ideas to write about.
  • Increase website traffic and gain new potential leads.

Top recommendations to new online mattress entrepreneurs


Things don’t occur overnight sales will develop as your brand gets recognized and familiar. Never expect customers to roll towards your online store but be prepared to work hard to gain their trust. Trust building needs time. Be helpful, write problem solving content, offer wonderful customer service, easy shopping experience and sell premium mattresses. Overtime, with an efficient business plan, sales will generally begin to gain momentum.

Test, test, and test

Never stop testing. Add new photos or change banners and scrutinize what happens. Change Meta description, add different CTA or change button colours to green….Is it working? Test, test, and test. Maintain a journal of the changes, expectations, and outcome. It will be very helpful in future marketing campaigns. 

The Internet is not static, Google’s algorithms get tweaked often, people’s tastes change, so your website needs to change, accordingly!

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