Formula 1 Championship Begins on 15th March 2021 – Who is likely to win?

Formula One F1 - 70th Anniversary Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - August 8, 2020 Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton in action during practice

Two months ago, Formula 1 announced and confirmed that their 2021 season would kickstart with 23 races in Australia on the 19th of March, 2021. 

In December, the season will finish in Abu Dhabi and will feature the first-ever World Championship race in Saudi Arabia. 

With 23 long races, the new schedule will be the longest in the history of Formula 1 world championship.

Earlier, F1 issued a temporary calendar for the 2021 season. The FIA had said it anticipates returning fans for the 2021 season and for the calendar to look identical to the formerly planned 2020 season. Unibet Indiana already prepared the odds for this season, for both Constructors Championship 2021 and Drivers Championship 2021 too.

What to expect?

2021 inauguration

The teams participating in the race launch their new cars in different ways. A few teams pull the cover off in a car reveal outside the not-so-fancy garage ahead of the season testing. Others, on the other hand, host extravagant ceremonies. 

This year, exhibitions will primarily take place behind closed doors, although they will possibly be accessible online for the formula one fan but don’t expect any hoopla to be lost.

Every year, on the launch date, it is hard to picture some of the relationships being exhibited as the close bonds will push each other away due to the very nature of the competition.

Mercedes, Williams, and Alfa Romeo are the three teams which have retained their 2020 driving pairing – with four other drivers moving teams in an unusual circle and two rookies joining the family.

Improving overtaking opportunities

One of the most prominent criticisms of F1 in recent years has been the absence of overtaking – but this has indeed been at the core of the 2021 project, and it seems there is definitely a piece of positive news for the new race. There are dynamic talks of improving overtaking opportunities with CFD and wind tunnels adding to the spice. 

Consensus on Power Units

In trying to define the future power units, it has been difficult to find a balance between satisfying the current manufacturers – Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda, and Renault – who have committed vast resources and time to competing in F1 and producing a set of rules that entices new firms to join. However, there is another good news for the future. New regulations are set to ensure more equality among the customers.

Controlling costs

F1 chiefs have been evaluating areas where standardization can be introduced without destroying the authenticity of F1 in the bid to manage costs. That means allowing teams to improve parts that directly impact performance but looking at regulating parts that don’t.

Will Ferrari get a historic bonus yet again?

There have been past contention about how revenues are allocated. Currently, some teams enjoy a bonus payment, no matter where they finish in the game. Of those, Ferrari receives the most significant slice of the bonus, given their long-standing commitment to F1 and historical status. However, whether this continues or not is being carefully evaluated at the moment.

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