Entrepreneur Dan Williams Predicts Plans and Performs The Past And The Future Of Business

Dan Williams, Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of Solomon Abraham & Associates Global Executive Search Firm

Recently We sat down with Dan Williams Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of Solomon Abraham & Associates Global Executive Search Firm. Dan also holds an executive position as Chief Branding Officer at Superxor Quxlity Records and is a Senior Business Advisor at CatchApp Live which is one of the top downloaded apps in Africa.

Catch app Live allows users to interact with the DJ in a nightclub by sending comments on their Live stream. Users can place their orders (food drinks and tickets) and make payments before they arrive at the preferred venues through Catchapp. Users can also add stories and in stories, they can add pictures, text, or videos. It is the very first app in the entertainment industry that has this focus.

Dan is on the board of directors as the Membership Officer at the United Hemp Biofuel Association. The Association supports the cause of renewable energy, a low carbon footprint, better air quality through the reduction of fossil fuel dependence, and a green earth. With Hemp Biofuel they are creating a renewable energy solution with an immediate impact: reducing and replacing fossil fuel in aviation, trucking, locomotive, maritime shipping, and agriculture.

Their Mission is to build a thriving and profitable hemp biofuel industry in the USA, the Association engages with farmers, growers, cultivators, lab processors, biofuel professionals and established cannabis industry professionals through advocacy, business opportunities, support for industry education, as well as professional development. The Association will strive to enrich and further the USA’s hemp and biofuel industry domestically and abroad. Dan has been known to quote Bill Gates.

“The effects of climate change will almost certainly be harsher than C0VlD-l9’s, and they will be the worst for the people who did the least to cause them. The countries that are contributing the most to this problem have a responsibility to try to solve it.”

Dan’s main goal and focus is based on promoting World Peace and he wants to help Bill Gates save the planet from itself and extinction. Therefore, Dan partnered with SOLNOVA. SOLNOVA is not tied down to deals with one loan company or panel manufacturer. They can compare rates and plans to find what will be the least expensive financing for a homeowner.

Recently Dan has taken on a bigger role with the business as Corporate Trainer. Honored to be more involved with the business on a day-to-day basis Dan feels like he is more of a life coach than trainer and gets chills every time he witnesses someone achieve their goals, he says “it’s similar to watching a newborn baby taking it’s very first breath, fresh out of the womb.”

So, we sat with Dan who is skilled at abstract problem solving, human behavior, data analysis, direct marketing, customer service and many other endorsements. We interviewed him about his business the pandemic the economy the future and anything else we have not seen on his day-to-day vlog on YouTube titled Solomon Abraham Life.


Good morning my friend. How has business been so far during the pandemic or whatever we are calling it these days?


What’s up bro, how are you? I am going to get right to it. Solomon Abraham more than doubled in profit last year. We did so well that we no longer qualify to receive any governmental financial assistance, now we try to volunteer our help whenever we can to other companies that have been struggling the past couple of years. I would like to thank my mentor Tom Johnston for preparing me for this he made me recession proof.


While doing my research I came across articles about you. The author described you as a futurist and a visionary. Is there anything that you have predicted that came true recently?


Last February 2020 I predicted that GameStop would have a huge comeback. The shares had dropped down to $3-$4 and in April a little over 2 bucks, but I knew that millennials would not let GameStop die.

Growing up GameStop was our version of the comic bookstores kids would hang out at in the 80s and 90s. I knew that there was no way we (nerds fanboys and girls) were going to let what happened to comic bookstores happen to GameStop. I even sent a DM to Jim Bell EVP, Chief Financial Officer at GameStop last March 2020.

I urged him to look at Elon Musk’s Neurolink because of its AI capabilities. Against my wishes GameStop chose to merge with Microsoft and take advantage of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 portfolio of cloud applications. Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

So, me yes. I played a mega part and influence to keep GameStop from closing its doors for good and it is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Even though they did not go with Nueralink (probably because it is still in its infant stages) they still added a strong AI platform to increase their Ecommerce sales opportunities with the help of Microsoft. I count that prediction as a win my friend. Now if I could just find my car keys and be on time to the gym every morning The Rock would be in trouble of going bankrupt because I am coming for his spot in the entertainment industry. Hey, it is only fair that I warn him first.

People listen to me, my common sense my energy my wisdom, understanding and knowledge of business rivals Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I have the swagger of a young Russell Simmons and I am better looking than all three of them. I am not the only one who says this, literally everyone I meet I help. Plus, I am a nerd with an IQ of 120.


Thanks that’s good info. Now I have a lifeline if I ever get chosen for a game show or need a six pack stand in. How have things been since your relocation from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego. You have been there for how long now, a month?


It has been tough to find a place to rent. As great as things are going for Solomon Abraham my personal credit has taken a huge hit, so I have been living in an Air B and B for now, but you must pay the cost to be the boss. The biggest problem I am coming across when I speak to residents about placing solar panels on their home is that it is a scam. They need more education on solar it has been ten years and it is still very new for them to wrap their minds around. It is not their fault it is the state of California’s job to teach their residents.

Now listen we are replacing their SDG&E electric bill with solar panels and the state of California is going to take 26% of the homeowner’s tax payment and put it towards paying of the cost of putting the panels on the customer’s home. After the customer passes credit with a minimal score of 650 with the tax credit given by the state the customer still winds up paying less every month than they ever would with the utility company if they kept things as they are going now and did nothing.

I do not believe the state has done a good enough job in educating its residents about solar energy especially the features and benefits of going solar. In the long run if homeowners do not accept alternative energy and change for the better, they will be no different than someone responsible for creating secondhand smoke on an elevator.

If the state will not educate the public about solar energy, then they need to give the solar companies funding or a loan to teach homeowners about the problem and how they “NEED” to be and “CAN” be part of the solution. People have been tricked into believing that they are not good enough for something like this and we need to let them that no they are good enough. I love California and I am here to help people and save lives. This is what I do best.


What is new with Catch app Live? It seems to be doing very well in Uganda, but I have not heard much yet about it here in the states. Do you guys have a plan put in place for any future expansion into western civilization?


In 2020 Chrisdon Nuwe designed Catch app Live to rival Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify and other music streaming platforms. It is the third most downloaded app in Uganda. The app, which is like Yelp, gives club owners the ability to track user engagement upload and manage photos videos and promo for their business and track visitor engagement and leads from their Catch app Live business page. Catch app should bring in a little more than a $300,000 in sales next quarter. Right now, we are looking for investors who fit the culture. Recently rapper Meek Mill Tweeted that he wanted to build a platform/tool like Catch app Live with fellow rappers Lil Durk, Lil Baby and 21 Savage. We are hoping to get all 3 on board and I am waiting to hear back from Meeks people now. In the meantime, we are just continuing to chase our dreams.


Speaking of music how are things going at Superxor Quaxlity Records do you guys have any new releases coming up that we should look out for?


I have been here in San Diego doing a lot of A&R for an independent rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. His name is Boss Heavy his beat selection is similar to nostalgic Biggie Smalls but he’s got a new school Rick Ross swagger and mentality. He just recently did the Ice Cream remix with Ghost Face Killa and it should be releasing very soon with a visual as well. Him and Mont Dawg another rapper from Cleveland, he has a single called “I’m Rich” they are my two favorite rappers right now. Oddly enough they are not even signed to the label (Superxor Quxlity) because they are each larger than life itself. These guys don’t need a label and if they did, they would create their own with their own money on their own terms, they bosses man what can I say, that’s why I like them so much. When I first heard the song “I’m Rich” I intuitively knew that he (Mont Dawg) was headed to the top like a Space X rocket. He has high energy punchlines and a dedicated work ethic. His story is similar to 50 cents from the movie “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” and he is an American Hero! Boss Heavy is smooth he hits every bar with precision and if you pay attention to his rhymes, he is giving the listener keys to life. Money, Power, Respect, Women, Cars and Jewelry is what you will learn about when you hear him on the radio.


Lastly what advice would you give to someone who had recently came into a million dollars in cash and no clue what to do with it?


There has never been a 20-year period where the S&P 500 failed to return something positive. Assuming you are earning at least 4% in returns, you can effectively live off interest-earned without touching your principal balance. With a $1 million portfolio, this is $40,000 per year. Even Warren Buffett himself has left instructions for his estate to invest 90% of its assets in the S&P 500. I am only following the leader. Index funds are straightforward and dependable.

To learn more about Dan Williams, 36-year-old capital investor entrepreneur and his executive search firm Solomon Abraham & Associates you can visit his YouTube channel https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UC4Sb5SpWgD_NtKUkblLYeoQ

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