Education Is the Key to Excellence

T.M.R.P.K. Tennakoon

The human race has made significant progress in the past seven billion years. From looking at the sun to check the time to see the moon through a telescope from the comfort of homes, the world has come a long way. Advancement in all sectors has improved the quality of lives and has made everything more effortless than it was before. All this is possible due to a single thing that humans have tightly latched on to, and that is education. It is no hidden fact that education is the sole reason for evolution and enhancement in human lives.

While education has become a necessity around the world, many countries still struggle to provide basic education to their people. It is essential to understand that education is crucial for advancement in all sectors. Many examples prove what education is capable of, and among one of  those is the story of T.M.R.P.K. Tennakoon.

T.M.R.P.K. Tennakoon is a Srilankan I.T. specialist employed at N.A.S.A. His journey from living in a house with no electricity in a small village to now enjoying all luxuries of life in America is worth being inspired from.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Belonging from Uhumeeya, a tiny village in Kurunegala, a city in Srilanka, T.M.R.P.K. Tennakoon came from a humble background. His family faced severe financial issues, so much so that basic necessities such as electricity were a luxury for them. But no matter the situation, education was given due importance in the family. T.M.R.P.K. realized from his childhood that it was through education only that he could change his future. He grew up with his parents and very supportive elder brother, Indrajith Tennakoon. With his assistance, T.M.R.P.K. discovered his extraordinary ability to remember. Because of his sharp memory, he would remember even the slightest detail of anything. His brother helped him sharpen this skill, due to which he maintained an outstanding academic record.

T.M.R.P.K. completed his education at Dharmaraja College in Kandy, where he met his close friend Sujan Duminda who supported him throughout his college life. Both friends motivated each other towards studies and kept themselves away from bad influence. During college, he earned himself a position at the world-famous Cambridge University. Getting accepted at such a prestigious instituition was huge for him. At this point, he understood the true power of education. Due to his determination and excellent academic record, he was able to achieve what others could merely dream of. Moving to England pushed him a step closer to his dreams.

In 2011, T.M.R.P.K. shifted to England. The subjects he studied at the university were Material Science, Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Propulsion, and Aircraft performance at Cambridge. Studying such subjects required high intellect and knowledge, which he was blessed with. He then decided to complete his Ph.D. from the same university. He studied Fluid Flow and Aerodynamics, A.C.C.I.S., Dynamics and Control, and Robotics for his Ph.D.

T.M.R.P.K. had very carefully selected each course and passed in each one of them with flying colors. His talent of remembering showed its real power here. Living in England had already changed his life, but the rewards of education were yet to surprise him.

In 2018, T.M.R.P.K. was offered the position of an I.T. Specialist. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would be working for NASA. Being appointed at this esteemed organization was a symbolic moment for him. The news of employment at NASA brought him and his supporter’s massive contentment. He was now living the life he had always wished for.

Being Down to Earth

One of the greatest things about education is that it creates a sense of generosity and compassion in each individual. One tends to think more about others’ welfare rather than themselves, something that T.M.R.P.K. has learned too. He has currently involved himself in a mission to help find the missing people. Each year eight million children are lost and never to be found. This intrigued him a lot, and so he decided to thank the world for his blessing in a way that would benefit others. He has collaborated with many charity organizations that take care of the families who have lost their dear ones by helping them financially.

T.M.R.P.K. Tennakoon’s story has proved that education is truly the key to success. It has never disappointed anyone who has believed in its potential. His journey from a child with big dreams to a man with the power to help others is something to learn and be motivated from.

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