DIY projects to help increase your house’s asking price


If you’ve recently had your home valued for sale, and were a little disappointed by the outcome, you might want to consider making changes to increase your house’s value. 

Real estate companies are usually able to suggest helpful improvements to make to the home to try and increase value. Whether you’ve got a large or small budget to work with, making amends can boost your asking price by thousands. 

Here are some DIY projects you can try to boost how much your house is worth on the current market. 

Energy efficiency 

One thing that’s highly appealing for younger couples and first-time buyers is energy efficiency – because it costs less to run the house on a monthly basis. 

Simple tweaks like installing carpet in the lounge for insulation can help make the home appeal to older generations, while setting up solar panels or ensuring all windows are double glazed are simple ways to improve a house’s value for any audience. Another simple way to provide an honest approach to energy usage is by setting up a smart meter.

Open plan living with kitchen renovation

If you do have a budget set aside for renovations, focus on the kitchen. There are three influential rooms in the house that sellers should always focus on first to help sway a buyer’s decision: Kitchen, lounge, and master bedroom. 

Open plan living is now increasingly popular for families and real estate companies, as providing a space for the whole house to socialize, cook and dine is the perfect way to boost house worth dramatically. 

Be sure to consult a professional before taking a hammer to any walls, though! 


Natural light is a key feature potential buyers will look for. If your house is shaded or has a few dark corners, install new, additional lighting to brighten up the space. Not only will this help with taking the perfect photos for the marketplace, but it will also save buyers a potentially costly job when they move in.

Deep cleaning and fresh paint 

Of course, not everyone can afford to make serious changes to their house before selling. But you can still boost the asking price with smaller jobs. Doing a deep clean will help create a better look and feel for the house.: Deep cleaning the carpets, painting walls and skirting boards, and cleaning up the grout in the bathroom are all small changes that can make a big difference. 

Don’t forget to clean the outside too. Power washing the driveway or brickwork can totally transform the look of the house. For an extra touch, paint the front door a new color and add some potted plants for some serious curb appeal.

Both big and small projects can make a difference to a house’s price. Whether it’s simply making the current layout feel lighter, brighter and fresher, or doing a few renovations, your initial house evaluation isn’t the be-all and end-all. There are plenty of ways to work with your realtor to boost sale price – they’ll probably have a few contacts to help you get started, too.  

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