Delayed Vaccine Doses due to bad weather will be delivered this weekend: White House

A ribbon hangs on the White House for World AIDS Day 2020, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, in Washington.

The White House says about a third of the coronavirus vaccine doses delayed by this week’s winter weather have been delivered this weekend.

Press secretary Jen Psaki says the administration has been working with shippers and states to close the roughly 6 million dose backlog created this week as power outages closed some vaccination centers and icy weather stranded some vaccine in shipping hubs.

Psaki says the administration is making sure those catch-up doses out to vaccination centers “as soon as they can handle them.”

Speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” Psaki says, “We’ve been able to get about 2 million of those 6 million doses out,” adding, “We expect to rapidly catch up this week.”

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