Deepanshu Goyal: Making waves in the entertainment world

Deepanshu Goyal

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who wish to challenge themselves and go beyond boundaries to create great momentum for themselves in their chosen fields. Rather than running behind overnight successes, they make every possible effort to push their limits and get nearer their visions to create their success story from the ground up. This has helped them become an inspiration to many others in the world, especially the youth. The world of arts and entertainment is a world of its own and is filled with people who have given in their everything to make it huge as actors and performers. The Indian television and film industry has also always welcomed great talent. Topping the list of such actors and performers is Deepanshu Goyal, who has done exceedingly well in TV shows, serials and now is making it big even in the OTT space.

Entering into the big entertainment space may look all very easy, but in reality, it is not, says the young actor. Deepanshu Goyal is of the opinion that it may come with many rejections and odds, but what stays important here is to not give up in the tough times and not get disheartened by any rejections, as they never know what better opportunities might knock their doors. To develop mental toughness is one of the things that Deepanshu Goyal wants aspiring actors to work upon. He says that working with passion is great, but one must also train their minds to be mentally tough so that no failures can affect them deeply and they can go past it easily and move on to the next thing.

The young actor is also elated and happy to notice the shift of choices of viewers from watching films in theatres to watching shows, serials and series on TV and the web, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Deepanshu Goyal; however, also highlights the importance of running theatres and how it is essential for bringing back the source of income to many who are dependent on the medium. “The time for the entertainment industry has been very tough, especially for people working in theatres, which were closed for so many months; however, I am also ecstatic that things are gradually getting back to normalcy and am very happy for all those who would be back doing things they do the best and getting back their source of income.”

Speaking about the growth of TV and OTT platforms, the inspiring talent says that with more and more shows on TV and the constant growth of the OTT platform, opportunities have also increased for actors and the entertainment field as a whole. This, in fact, is a great thing that happened during the pandemic, where more viewers were glued to TV sets and mobile devices for web series, motivating many filmmakers and producers to make more content for people for entertainment at home.

Deepanshu Goyal has been a part of various Indian TV serials so far including Mere Sai (Sony TV), Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain (&TV), Jijaji Chhat Per hai (Sab TV), Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (Zee TV), Muskaan, Tenali Rama, Crime Alert, Anarkali, Dastan-e-Mohabbat, and Vighnaharta Ganesh. The talented actor believes in consistency and learning each day, that is how he believes he has landed with some amazing roles so far in his career and wishes to work much more with more exciting roles across mediums.

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