Dauphin Island Travel Guide for Bird Lovers

Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island offers an authentic flavor of the gorgeous Gulf Coast. It is a charming, small southern society with a rich marine culture, an eclectic mix of locally-owned galleries and shops, and laid-back eateries that serve yummy locally collected seafood. You’ll also find miles of silent, peaceful beaches, world-class fishing, and a well-known, legendary past. Dauphin Island has been assigned as the “Sunset Capital of Alabama,” so you haven’t existed until you’ve encountered the approaching dusk of the day from any part on this gorgeous island.

Situated at the southern end of Alabama – 3 miles south of the Mobile Bay – Dauphin Island seems worlds away but relatively easy to reach. Just a short drive off I-10, between Mississippi, Biloxi, and Mobile, Alabama, the island embraces you with views from a 3- 3-mile-long high-rise bridge. A passenger and automobile ferry from the eastern shore also offers a pivotal entry point on its eastern end.

This natural barrier island has long been a favorite destination for residents and tourists alike. Around 1,300 permanent citizens inhabit the 14-mile-long island, which is only one ¾ miles wide at the broadest point. Don’t forget to visit the Dauphin Island Welcome Center, situated at the Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce. The center is covered with friendly locals with the latest information for new visitors and residents.

It is a beautiful place to live and a special place to visit. The entire island has been chosen as a bird sanctuary, and thousands of travelers come to encounter the annual migrations.

A 3-mile trail winds through 137 acres of sand dunes, maritime forest, and pristine wetlands, marking a little space that’s an ample opportunity to the world’s bird population. Dauphin Island is the first pit stop for birds returning north from South and Central America’s spring migration. A full 95% of Alabama’s bird species have been seen on the island, resting up after the tiring transcontinental journey. Bird lovers adore this sanctuary, but it’s a beautiful escape for any nature lover.

Other exciting attractions are situated on the east end of the island, including the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, historic Fort Gaines, numerous boat launch sites, and Audubon Bird Sanctuary. You’ll find beautiful beaches of sugar-white sand, public golf, and parks with antique oaks on the west end of the island. Together, they make Dauphin Island a fantastic, relaxed resort destination.

Accommodations include motels, hotels, private homes, and condominiums – all accessible for rental every season. Laid-back establishments dot the island and present fresh seafood harvested from the Gulf waters and regular menu items. Fishing is a popular pastime and combines shallow-water fishing on the Gulf beaches with piers on the Mississippi Sound and breathtaking chartered deep-water fishing trips.

Surfers and swimmers enjoy the Gulf waves, and beautiful kites fill the skies above the beaches, flying on Gulf breezes. Wanderers walk the pristine shoreline, searching for treasured shells while ghost crabs and sea birds frolic on sea and land.

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