Cyberabad Police to set up separate desk for Transgenders

The Cyberabad Police on Friday decided to set up a separate desk at the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate to address the problems of transgenders.

The decision to launch the unique initiative was taken at an interaction Cyberabad Police Commissioner V.C. Sajjanar and other officials had with over 150 transgender people.

The commissioner announced the setting up of the transgender desk at the Cyberabad Commissionerate to address the grievances of transgenders in the Commissionerate’s jurisdiction.

The interface was aimed to understand the problems and concerns of the transgender community in the city and explore the possible solutions for the same. Initiated on the request of renowned social activist Sunitha Krishnan, the interface was an opportunity for representatives of the transgender community to share their problems about the structural and societal violence they are subjected to every day.

She explained that the transgender community is not a homogenous group and consists of varied factions. Marginalisation by society has forced the community to beg or indulge in sex work and there is a need for a comprehensive scheme or policy by the government to support the transgenders.

Representatives from the transgender community highlighted various problems faced by the community, including lack of education, no access to employment, inability to find houses on rent, intimate partner violence, harassment on the street and intra-community violence.

Deputy Commissioners N. Prakash Reddy, S.M. Vijay Kumar and C. Anasuya reiterated the need to find solutions within the framework of the law and urged the community to report any missing cases.

Mr. Sajjanar also urged the transgender community to act within the framework of law and reiterated that no form of violence will be tolerated. It was also mentioned that if any transgender is found to be involved in illegal activities, the police will take stringent action as per the law. He requested the public to dial 100 or send a message on WhatsApp to 9490617444 if there is any issue regarding transgenders.

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