Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th Feb 2021


Love and Relationships

You are likely to have mixed results in terms of love and relationship. You may not be able to share your feelings with your beloved at ease. You are suggested to spend quality time and express how you really feel about them. This may help you to enhance your relationships. You may have a habit of critically analyzing everything, which may hamper your personal relationships. You are suggested to listen to others’ viewpoints, especially the views of your family members and act accordingly. Singles are likely to take some more time to find their right match. Just be patient is a piece of advice this week.


A brilliant week is likely to be on the cards. You may perform well in studies and may achieve exceptionally good results in the examination if you work hard proportionally. It is suggested to rely only on your sincere efforts instead of depending on the luck. Focus, dedication, and sincerity towards studies are likely to be the key for outstanding results. In case of confusion and problems, it is advisable to avoid hesitation in taking help from teachers and classmates. Students appearing for board exams may get the desired results due to their hard work.


You are likely to be health-conscious, so you are inclined to exercise balance and moderation in your diet. However, you may be prone to the problems related to the intestines and abdomen. So you are advised to eat foods that are beneficial for the intestines, such as lemons, almonds, black olive, etc. It is suggested to avoid processed food and consider doing a detox or cleanse under a dietitian’s recommendation. It is best for you to follow these dietary suggestions strictly and firmly. Some of you may have a habit of driving after a small drink which is advised to avoid being practised.


You may face some financial hardships this week. This may be due to your financial and personal expenses may have exceeded the average amount then your budgetary planning. So it is best for you to be cautious about your spending habits instead of becoming spendthrift. Your financial position during this week may be purely dependent on how smartly you may deal with expenses. You may have spent money on the higher education of your children this week. People engaged in their family business may have to work hard for profits. You are suggested to take the help of some advisor if you are inclined to get promising growth in your business.


You are suggested to prepare yourself with full energy and enthusiasm as more responsibilities and multitasking are likely to be expected. Working for extra hours may be required this week. Some of you may also feel fatigued due to this. You may keep an eye on every detail and are likely to be well-versed with the micromanagement of different things and situations. This week you may excel on the professional front. Those who have a knack for counselling and maybe good at confronting others are likely to get favourable results this week. Your ability to work systematically, sincerely, and relentlessly may help you to achieve success in your respectable profession.

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