Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

The coming week will bring a lot of romantic moments for you. You will get a lot of free time to spend with your family and your spouse. You should do some memorable arrangements to make this time unforgettable. Your children are eager to talk to you and you should give due attention to them. Money and finance wise, you will do well in your earnings and achievements this week. Those who invest in weekly investing schemes will see their income steadily raising and this will enable you to make some money. For those planning to seek credit, are advised not to take any risk this week.


The week will bring expected results that will become the reason for your happiness. Those preparing for competitive exams will get favourable results during this week. Research scholars in Science will experience great surprises this year. Situations will favour you. Those preparing for engineering, medical or civil services exams need to study a lot harder in order to succeed. The level of competition will be high. Study in a carefully planned manner and revise your studies in a timely manner to ensure proper preparation and clearing the test. This will enable you some confidence.


If it is about being on the right track, you have to stay extra careful with your health this week. Things will be a little different than usual. If you have had any health issues in recent times, you are likely to have some issues regarding it. The best thing you can do is to be careful beforehand and be regular with your medication and meals. Those who are planning to lose weight will have to work little hard and only then will they be able to manage it. Those who are into addiction may give up addiction this week, completely. Slowly you will follow these beliefs firmly.


If you work in an industry that requires you to engage in a lot of speculation, then this week is expected to be really lucrative for you. Search for the best possible investment options for your money and get ready to celebrate it. Keep your eyes open for any potential new ways to grow your business or promote your company, as unexpected gains are seen at this time. Try to make the most of any opportunities that come along. If you have changed a job recently, this could be one the best decisions as you will find it extremely favourable for your financial growth.


This week will test your potential at work. There will be tough situations to handle which may cause you a little stress. Work front will be really rewarding if you give the desired efforts at time, you will definitely meet success soon. You will face disturbances from your colleagues at work. It is better to stay a little distant from group conversations which might take a turn to an argument. This week will be really challenging for people working in the sales and marketing department. You might not meet your targets by the end of this week.

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