Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

Your romantic life is likely to be passionate and full of love. This may be a favourable time, as your love prospects may take a boost. However, this phase is likely to be vital and sensitive and may also change the equations of your relationship. It may make you emotionally vulnerable, so you are suggested to be careful of it. But rest easy, enthusiasm and romance may come back gradually.


You may find difficulties and lack focus in studies initially, but you may gear up your sincerity and dedication gradually. Sincere efforts may get enhanced in time and may give you favourable results in the examination. The performance standard is likely to be raised slowly and steadily. There may be a lot of positivity around you, and your close ones and mentors may always motivate you. This may help to boost your zeal and vivacity, resulting in satisfactory outcomes.


You may experience a lot of fluctuations on the health front. So it is advisable to avoid taking minor ailments lightly and take proper precautions. At times, you may feel the low spirit, thus practising yoga and meditation may help you a lot in regaining the lost energy and keep your mind calm. Gradually, you may experience improvement in health due to positive changes in the lifestyle. It is advisable to avoid junk food, do regular exercise, and have a proper sleep to maintain good health and vitality.


This week is likely to kick off on a positive note on the financial front. But you may have some pressure related to money matters despite having a good flow of income. However, in case you are waiting for any monetary reward, there may be a delay in getting it, or you may have to face challenges to receive it. The idea of making quick money is suggested to be scrutinized. It is advisable to avoid risky investments or projects and use your resources wisely rather than making impulsive financial decisions.


This week may bring some good growth opportunities, and also it may give you the strength to stand firm against all the odds. But it is advisable to control your aggression while dealing with colleagues and senior officials. Otherwise, you may end up in a problem someday. However, there may be some substantial development in your workplace later. The business may progress in their pursuits as things are likely to fall in the right place.

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