Blogs Made Just for Moms


The wonderful thing about living in 2021 is that there’s no lack of online resources for mothers. The downside is that sorting through those resources is a monumental task in its own right. Finding a blog that speaks to your experiences and provides you with the advice you need isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help with that. Whether you’re looking for reassurance from a veteran mother, advice for improving your child’s nutrition, or tips on how to better center yourself among the chaos of motherhood, we can help you find the best blogs for moms in 2021.

Cat and Nat

With a combined brood of seven kids, Natalie Telfer and Catherine Belknap are seasoned veterans of motherhood. But it’s their wry and self-aware senses of humor that really distinguish their blog from the competition. Their willingness to discuss—and laugh at—some of the more embarrassing aspects of motherhood really opens up the door to discussions that we rarely have.

Mama Doctor Jones

It’s not exactly controversial to say that public education on sexual and reproductive health isn’t doing enough, and that’s especially true when speaking about women’s health issues. Doctor Jones offers a remedy. As both an OB/GYN and a mother of four kids, she can leverage her professional and personal knowledge better than just about anyone, and she uses her experience to educate other mothers.

Modern Mom

Women have more options than ever before to pursue careers and interests outside of motherhood. But finding the balance between our personal and professional lives—much less finding time for self-care in-between adult responsibilities—can be a serious challenge. Modern Mom doesn’t diverge from the typical subject matter in mommy blogs, but it takes a refreshingly contemporary approach that recognizes the complex responsibilities modern women need to juggle.

Scary Mommy

You should keep Scary Mommy blogged for one reason above all else—to vent when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope. This egalitarian platform serves as a place for mothers to share their most embarrassing and horrifying experiences with a mix of humor and solidarity. It’s a great place to just kick back and reflect on the absurdities of parenting without judgment.

Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List is more than just a blog. It’s a living repository of all the knowledge a mom could need. Or at least, that’s the intent. And the materials here are impressively extensive. Whether you’re looking at advice for getting through the pregnancy or tips for picking the right formula, you can generally treat Lucie’s List as a de facto handbook for raising a child.

Really, Are You Serious?

It’s a phrase that you’ll say a lot over the course of raising your child, but you can be pretty sure that blogger Krystyn has said it more times than you. She’s been blogging about being a mother since 2006, and that makes her one of the most experienced and trusted resources on motherhood in the blogosphere. It also means you can watch her transformation over the course of a decade and change and remind yourself that you too will get there.

Elevated Mum

If you aren’t in a state to take care of yourself the way you deserve, you aren’t in a state to take care of your kid the way they deserve. That’s what Elevated Mum is all about. It puts aside the questions about infant fashion, flu season, and diaper rash and exchanges them with content focused on self-care. It’s nice to have a place where you can relax and just think about yourself, and Elevated Mum is easily one of the best mom blogs in that regard.

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