Biometric Attendance Machine- Why is it Important?

Gone are the days when managers had to keep a paper trail of their employees’ time and attendance. Today, companies are looking for better solutions to calculate the actual working hours of their employees. 

As a secure alternative to paper timecards and spreadsheets, a biometric attendance machine is more than just a wave of the future. It uses unique human traits like facial features and fingerprints for accurate recording of employee attendance. While fingerprint biometric machines were a rage before the pandemic hit, they are now fast becoming obsolete due to the risks they carry of spreading coronavirus.

Biometric attendance machines that make use of facial features are now tipped to be the future of employee attendance management. KENT CamAttendance is a great example of what such machines can do.  

What is a Biometric Attendance Machine?

A biometric attendance machine can be defined as a device that is responsible for verifying the identity of a person. The characteristic features used to identify a person comprise fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, and facial features. These biometrics are extremely unique for every individual, and the data in the biometric devices cannot be hacked. 

How Can a Biometric Attendance Machine Improve Employee Time Management?

Employee management demands adapting to newer ways with changing times. As workforce patterns are changing continuously, businesses are adopting the latest technologies to improve the performance of their employees. The precise source of information is what makes this technology an ideal choice for businesses. Issues such as buddy punching, time-theft, insufficient data for calculating payroll, and employee accountability can be easily tackled with a comprehensive biometric attendance machine. 

An automated attendance machine makes sure that no information is forged or repeated. It makes sure that workplace rules and accountability are intact and there is no ambiguity, especially while calculating the attendance and work hours of employees. 

Benefits of a Biometric Attendance Machine

Eliminates Time-Theft and Buddy Punching

A biometric attendance machine helps in eliminating practices, such as time-theft and buddy-punching. Companies tend to lose a tremendous amount of work hours each year because of such practices. Calculating this lost time is impossible with an old method of managing employee time. Because a biometric machine can easily capture the unique traits of employees, a co-worker cannot clock-in or clock-out for another employee. 

Increases Employee Productivity

Employees who feel good about their jobs will always be happy and feel better. Biometrics will eliminate barriers such as time-theft, thereby increasing the productivity levels of employees. 

Helps in Improving Employee Accountability

The data that is gathered with biometric time clocks creates a concrete audit trail for managing time and attendance records. By improving the accountability and responsibility of employees, they tend to respond differently to how their time is managed at work. Accurately identifying who came late for work, who takes frequent or extended breaks will deter those behaviours. 

Improves Employee Job Satisfaction

The morale of employees can get affected if they are asked to work overtime to address unusual circumstances. However, putting in additional hours of overtime can wear down even the most hard-working and enthusiastic employees. This becomes evident if an employee feels unsure whether or not all their hard work is even noticed. A good quality biometric attendance machine will allow the manager to know about their employee’s overtime days and make changes accordingly to balance the workload. This will also help them in rewarding their employees accordingly. 

A biometric attendance machine entrusts a sense of responsibility within the workforce, thereby improving the accountability of employees. You can opt for KENT CamAttendance, which is a robust, accurate, and secure attendance management system that is based on Facial Recognition, and it uses Artificial Intelligence based computer vision technology to capture and recognize the faces of employees. 

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