Beginners’ guide to Wooden Playhouses with Trains for your little one


When renovating wooden playhouses, sometimes the best themes and looks are not always the predictable or cutesy ones. For some kids, their outdoor playhouse will be much more exciting and thrilling to play in if it truly reflects their interests and hobbies. That is the case for cooperating with your kid to style her or his playhouse into real train enthusiasts’ play space. Here are some design strategies for those that love trains:

  1. Construct an operable model size train set into the clean walls. Imagine how great it will be for your child to have a train that actually rolls circulating around her or his playhouse. To achieve this, you will need to build a platform around the construction that is securely fixed with solid brackets. Pick a train that your kid will handle without your help, and place the train at a height that won’t hinder play. If having it travel around the wall is too difficult, use the loft space and revolve there. Either way, your kid will love seeing the train moving around the playhouse.
  2. Give your kid plenty of train-inspired clothes to dress up in. From overalls to the elegant conductors’ suit that they see on kids shows like “Thomas The Tank Engine,” just being able to clothe the part will bring a smile to your kid’s face. It will make the train adventure seem more life-like and enjoyable.
  3. Decorate the entire kid’s playhouse with all sorts of old train memorabilia. Add in items like controls and switches that don’t work but come from real trains. You should find these types of items on a website like Amazon or canvass your neighborhood thrift stores and garage sales for anything with real trains on it. Whether you opt for blinds that have trains on them or covers that can be stamped with trains on them, if your kids is a real hobbyist, she or he won’t be able to get enough of having their beloved things all over their playhouse.

Making wooden playhouses into a train-loving kids’ haven will be a wonderful undertaking. Let your kid do some of the directing about placing the objects and trains in the playhouse, and even consider allowing your child to paint or stamp trains in different places on the floor and walls. It’s your child’s personal playhouse and their new-found passion. They will be glad that you gave them a chance to engage and to make their extra space special!

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