Aries Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

You are likely to get a relationship proposal from a social platform or through friends, which may surprise you this week. Married couples may experience some disagreements with your spouse. Sudden travel plans to your in-law’s house may get fixed. Chances of availing financial benefits from in-laws are on the cards. However, your spouse may be inclined to religious activities. So organizing such activities at your home may help you to mingle with your partner. Implementing the ideas of your spouse may give you success in your undertakings. You may go on a foreign trip with your spouse this week. There may be a time when you sit with your partner and have vital conversations. You may receive gifts from your beloved. The health of your spouse may get affected, which is likely to give you restlessness.


Students of science or programming may find this week favourable for learning various things related to your project and group study. It is advisable not allow the success to be in your head and get egoistic, as this may give sudden setback or failure. Be regular with your practice and study, is advisable this week. Taking care of your crucial needs before going to study is the best thing to do because the transit of planets signifies that there may be some discomfort or health issues. This may disturb your study plans. You are suggested to follow the guidance of your mother, as this may help to attain the desired result in your career.


Pregnant women are suggested to be extra careful, as there are chances of stress and ignorance of it may lead to a sudden health issue. It is advisable not to avoid the routine check-up and have regular medication for this week. Work pressure may strain your eyes and lead to some ailments, so try to have proper rest. You are suggested to work as per priority because this may help you to accomplish tasks with zero hassles and pressure. Exercise regularly and have an expert opinion from the doctor whenever required, is a piece of advice to you. Spending quality time with family may give rejuvenation to your personal relationship and a healthy mind. Keep track of your thoughts, and avoid getting influenced by bad people is suggested for this week. You may get stuck with overthinking and feelings of helplessness. This may give you pressure, which may affect your health.


You are likely to plan to get together with friends. This week may be beneficial on the financial front. Support related to money and finance from relatives and friends may be on the cards. You may finalize some vital projects at the workplace, which is likely to give you favourable gains. There are chances of increment due to the signing of a successful deal. Fast track success may be achieved because of the help of your spouse in work or business-related matters. However, their guidance may help you to attain promising gains. Sudden expenditure in your business may arise this week. You are likely to spend it on your spouse and in-laws.


You are likely to get mixed results. Hectic week at the workplace is foreseen. So you are suggested to plan in advance for office things or business tasks. This may keep you safe from getting into a mess or stuck in a particular work. Follow the rules and carry out the promises you have made to your business partner. It may help to give a promising return in terms of finance and also success in your business dealings. You may finalize crucial business projects. Long-distance trip or travel to a foreign country for work purposes is likely to be on the cards. Business-related investment may you give success this week.

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