Aries Weekly Horoscope 21st – 27th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

Love relationship may require attention and spending quality time together. Healing yourself may help to bring positivity in your relationship. You are suggested to give gifts and value the presence of your partner. A married couple may get the happiness of children, or pregnancy news is likely to strengthen your relationship. There may be a difference of opinion with your spouse. It is advisable to give space to your partner and spend some quality time with them so that your spouse may feel comfortable to share the feeling with you. This may enhance intimacy and understanding in the relationship.


It is best for you to stay away from the wrong company of friends. Avoiding parties may help you to focus on your studies. You may get selected in the interview, but it is suggested to don’t allow it go on your head and enhance your skills. This week may be favourable to clear all the pending work and revision. Participating in meditation class or exercise may help you to concentrate on the vital things as there may be some hurdles in higher education. A long journey or settling far from home may be on the cards because of your studies.


This week may be average for health as there may be health issues, weak immunity and stress. So precautions may be required to keep fit. There are chances of digestion-related issues. Therefore, you are advised to follow your daily routine exercise and make changes in the diet. Also, giving up the junk and adequate intake of water may help you a lot to have good health. It is best for you to avoid aggression and stress as this may bring some health challenges. Hence, you are suggested to be patient in all your dealings.


Expert suggestions related to the share market may help to get favourable returns. Your spouse may support you in business activities, which may help to get monetary gains. This week, vital investments in the share market are not advisable. However, it is also suggested to avoid huge money in property-related matters and be careful while investing in a foreign land. There may be sudden expenditure related to the repair work of the home. Some may also change their house interior.


It is advisable to be cautious while discussing with your siblings, especially those who are involved in the family business. Otherwise, you may get into arguments resulting in loss of money. The week may not be too favourable for the job change. Chances of some disagreements with seniors are likely to be on the cards, which may make you feel restless at the workplace. So analysis and patience is the keyword for this week to overcome all disputes and mistakes likely to happen. You are suggested to follow the rules and fulfil the promises given to your business partner. This may help you to get a favourable return and also success in your business endeavours. Conversation with a vital client may lead to finalizing the deal for the week. Luck may be on your side at the workplace. You may get the helping hand from your colleague.

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