Are you limiting your growth by restricting yourself?


Are you limiting your growth by restricting yourself? Read 7 different thought processes that we have permanently implanted in our brain, and how they’re stopping us from evolving and achieving in life.

  1. “It is hopeless” – Anytime you use the word “never” is a clue that you’re concentrating on a limiting belief. For instance: “I’ll never have any money because you need money to make money.” This is a lousy way to think as there are ways to make money without giving up on yourself due to lack of investment. 
  2. “I am helpless” – When most individuals feel helpless or uneducated, they keep blaming their situations instead of working to improve them. “I can’t manage my capital because I don’t know how” seems insightful, but the part that’s fumbling is the feeling of failure when all you need to do is hire someone or probably take one of the many financial courses available in the market. Duh!
  3. “It is the universe” – Sometimes, a restricted belief has to do with the doctrine that external forces that you can’t control are working to keep you down. You can’t get hired or find clients because the market sucks, where you live is not the right place, you don’t have the proper clothing, and so forth, but you do nothing in your capability to replace it because it’s destiny. “Everything happens for a reason” sort of thinking can be very wrong and make you feel powerless and ultimately a failure (sorry for being blunt).
  4.  “It is useless” – The notion that nothing you do will make a difference is that you think that any effort you make won’t move a stone. “It doesn’t matter if I work out twenty-minutes a day. I won’t be able to lose my weight anyway.” How do you really know? Have you decided to do anything for longer than a few days?
  5. “I am worthless” – The belief that you’re not good enough or smart enough to do what you want can be a robust limiting belief system and seems to affect everyone these days, especially after the dawn of the pandemic era. You feel you don’t look good enough, you are not smart enough, or not good enough to achieve something, so you don’t take steps to reach your goals because you don’t feel that you really deserve it. This is the worst feeling in humankind. 
  6. “I am different” – The restricting belief about being different is that being different is undoubtedly bad. You don’t really want to be who you are at the moment because you feel you’re different, and you’ll be judged as wrong by other people. You’re scared to be who you are, and because of that, you don’t even know who you really are, and you’re terrified to find out due to fear of denial and ending up being alone all the time.
  7. “I will fail” – The fact is the fear of failure is something most individuals have as a restricting belief. “I’m a terrible public speaker, so if I do it, my audience will judge me, and I’ll desert anyway, so why try” is a familiar refrain. But, how can you fix that belief in stone if you’ve not stepped up?

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