Are you a real Leader or a Wannabe?

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We will only have more prominent leaders when we start to rely far less on rhetoric and empty, easy promises and far more on proceeding by under-promising and frequently over-delivering. One only indeed leads when he focuses on making an essential, quality, needed impact rather than merely being politically correct or popular.

Genuine leaders are those who consistently performLet’s explore the difference between a wannabe and a leader in this article through seven points mentioned below. 

  1. Probe deeply and demand the best outcome: Concrete decisions must be made on developed and well-formed judgments based on a thorough review of the facts (differentiating facts from opinions/fiction/speculations) and probing deeply into all aspects, and understanding potential alternatives and ramifications. If you want to lead genuinely, never accept just good enough, but instead continuously demand your personal best in everything you do.
  2. Perfection: Great leadership must focus on excellence in every component and aspect. Create an extraordinary action plan, based on the most crucial quality judgments, resolutions, and a need to be the soundest you can be!
  3. Listen and lead by example: How can you ever completely understand what your audience wants and their needs, priorities, and concerns unless you move consistently to listen adequately and become genuinely empathetic? You must then move to transform these items, learn from them, and do something for them! Maybe the easiest way to recognize the real leader from the wannabe is that the pseudo-leader moves with a Do as I say, not as I do approach philosophy. In contrast, a leader consistently leads by example and never asks others to do anything he won’t individually do first!
  4. Intense peak interest: How is the intensity of your leadership? Are you willing to engage yourself in your responsibilities and duties? Will you maintain the most select intents, and have you given yourself a proverbial checkup from the neck up so you know yourself and your intentions? Are you intelligent and smart enough to inspire others, and how well will you articulate your approach, strategy, and ideas?
  5. Values: Do you have a handle on your constituents and organization’s overall values, and will you respect those by proceeding accordingly? Will you both provide real value, as well as being perceived as having valuable ideas?
  6.  Empathy: True authority is never about the leader, but rather about how well and empathetically a leader embraces his stakeholders’ priorities, needs, and interests!
  7. Relevance: Are you rational and reasonable in your approaches and perspectives? Are your plans genuinely relevant, and will they help the group evolve effectively and become sustainable in the longer-run? How well can you explain your reasoning and rationale?

If you decide to lead, do so like a leader and not a wannabee.

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