Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 14th – 20th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

Good time for the love birds who come under the Aquarius zodiac sign. Opposite sex person will get attracted towards you. This week is good to accept the love relationship with Venus transit. With Mercury transit and the conjunction of Sun and Saturn, your marital relationship needs attention and try to give some space to your life partner so that he/she will get their comfort zone and feel comfortable to share their feelings too. Commitment will play an important role during this month so try to fill the gap in a marital relationship with the fulfilment of your promises.


Students can have success from a creative and imaginative idea. Learning a new skill can give good recognition this week among your friend circle. Good guidance from your elder siblings and friends will be with you. Higher study-related work and projects are going to be successful. You will get good guidance from your elder and mentor which is going to give success at your workplace. You should work hard and actively participate in new projects and competition. Planetary transit this week predicting that you should go be ready for the revision and clear all the backlogs.


The conjunction of Sun and Saturn predicting that you should take care of your health in terms of emotional and mentally. Relationship challenges might give bad health and affect you physiologically. Stay away from an unnecessary argument and try to give space to your partner. You should take care of your health in terms of emotional and mentally. Stress will be there because of the workload so you are advised to do mediation and have a proper diet to be fit and healthy. Aggression can give a negative effect on your physical health.


Change in the interior of your home can give unplanned expenditure. Some important decisions related to the family can give financial gain. Expenditure on electronic gadgets will be there. Chances are there you might get health-related expenditure. Chances are good that you will get financial gain and help from your spouse and in-laws. The previous investment will come with a good return. Not a favourable week to make a major investment in land and property. Don’t be hasty while taking a financial decision with unknown people during this time.


Short distance travelling related to your work. Good changes are going to happen in the workplace. You will be active with your responsibility and there will be good learning at the workplace. Workload will be there this week. You may have unplanned long-distance travelling related to your business during the week. There will be unplanned work and responsibility will be there in your hand. Your luck will be favourable in your career. Help from seniors will be with you. Chances of promotion and increment will be there.

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