An Athlete’s Guide: The Best Underwear for Men

Even for the men who have their drawers full of the selected underwear, they will still realize that some of the pairs are not good enough. Yes, the pairs may be okay for regular weekends or typical work days but end up not being the best for exercising. The typical underwear made with cotton can retain moisture and that can become sticky and very uncomfortable when doing workouts and can even cause chafing in various parts. 

You can also discover that your regular pair may not even be stretchy as you want it when it comes to handling the demands of your workout sessions. This piece is an athlete guide regarding the most excellent choices when it comes to underwear for men. These wears are lovely for weightlifting, running, rock climbing, high-intensity physical training, and a host of other very demanding sessions. These demanding sessions truly require testicle support underwear for a comfortable experience. 

Most Ideal for Running

Under Armour Original 3’’ Boxerjock

The thing is that not all men decide to wear underwear when the time comes for running, particularly as a good number of running shorts come with their incorporated underwear. However, for those who want additional layers for their product, then this is a good option. It dries quickly after workout sessions and it is appreciated for fitting very well into the body of the user. These features are in addition to the product having a shelf life of two years. 

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6’’ Boxer Brief

For those who frequent the trails or the parks in their area, this pack is made especially for them as this product from this brand is crafted to allow for easy and efficient handling of the elements. They are breathable, compact, resistant against microbes in addition to being drying up quickly. For those who engage in high-intensity physical sessions and love their fabrics to dry up quickly, this is the ideal option to go for. 

Most Ideal for Lifting

Under Armour ArmourVent Mesh Series 6’’ Boxerjocks

These are some of the most popular among the athletes, especially the professionals. For anyone interested in maximum stretchiness for leg work during gym sessions, this product is ideal. For those who are going to engage in a lot of lunges and squats, these products are perfect for them and the reviews are also very clear as submitted by the users. 

Most Ideal for Cycling

Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Trunk Underwear

Whether you are engaged in high-energy sessions indoors on your spin bike or you are riding in outdoor spaces, this offer from Adidas is worth considering as it is a good selection for underwear for cycling. The pack does not ride up the legs, absorbs sweat, and is also known for being comfortable and very soft. 

Most Ideal for High-Intensity Training

Rhone 5’’ Athletic Boxer Briefs

When an athlete is searching for underwear to be used for exercise, particularly the high-intensity sessions, this product is highly recommended. For athletes who cherish staying comfortable, cool, and even supported, this is a top choice. The product is designed to be as supportive and secure as possible. It is not like other packages that make the user to be suffocated but this is very different. 

Lululemon Lock ‘Em Down Trunk Light 4’’

It is a four-way and lightweight stretch pair from the brand and it is designed to make the user feel like he or she is wearing a second skin. This way, doing workouts that have a lot of quick movements and jumping works very well with this product. It is also highly recommended for male athletes as a result of the sweat-wicking material and the quick-dry fabric used in the design. It is not any surprise at all that the users find it to be a premium choice. 

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