7 Traits of a Happy Leader

Happiness is every person’s purpose in life. Even though most individuals, especially those in the manager or leadership level, have no sense of what to do to find happiness and what happiness quotient really adds up to. 

Here are the character traits of a happy leader:

  1. They are not self-absorbed: Happy leaders are the ones who usually do not make everything just about themselves. They are honestly open-minded and let their thoughts go beyond their heads. They embrace others’ criticism and suggestions. They don’t take different opinions about them personally. They make their character based on well-thought-out opinions and choices. They positively acquire correction from people and acknowledge other people’s way of living.
  2. They are contented and appreciative: Showing appreciation and being content is a character trait that most leaders don’t have. They take many things for granted, not knowing they deny themselves of the world’s tiny joys. Being able to honestly appreciate someone else for how they made their hair, have dressed, their new pair of sandals, being able to see the other person smile and laugh, and having contributed to them having a lovely day is even a more excellent way of being happy.
  3. They are at peace with themselves, office associates, friends, and family: You should really try, as much as possible, to be at complete peace with those around you. These include family, friends, office associates and, even your partner. These people play a significant role; what they do can affect them directly.
  4. They meditate and make some alone time:  This is an important part of being happy and understanding yourself better. Having alone quality time helps one check on their personality, know what really makes them happy, anxious, set life goals, etc. When meditating, one sees what to focus on in days ahead, what makes their time better, and how to improve themselves. Making sure to have some solo time also keeps someone in a calm mood and helps them confront their fears.
  5. They understand where happiness is coming from:  Staying happy is a full-time job, so each of us must find what really makes them happy and shun hypocrisy. Doing what makes you happy will help someone from sheltering hate and toxic feelings caused by forced happiness and acting happy for everyone else’s sake. Most individuals have a happiness illusion, and they don’t try and find true happiness or what actions genuinely make them happy. So they end up feeling disappointed and unhappy. So, finding true activities that make you happy is an excellent step to being genuinely happy.
  6. They stay healthy: Health is an often neglected yet a significant contributor to genuine happiness. This involves having healthy eating habits. Ensure you have a well-balanced diet, take lots of fluids and make sure your meals are hygienically prepared. This will help you bypass sicknesses and stay healthy. Exercises also help people stay in shape and evade diseases caused by toxic eating, it also helps someone relax and feel comfortable. 
  7. They don’t compare themselves with others:  Comparing yourself, successes, and your achievements with those of other people is not a good way of being happy. Most people forget that everyone is different from others, and we all have several struggles in life. Comparing yourself to others is a wrong thing you are doing to yourself, and you end up discrediting yourself and ending up leading some unmeaningful and sad life. It would help if you tried and better yourself from what you have. It would be best if you did not consider another person’s success makes them more prosperous than you for any reason. Focus on improving yourself on what makes you fulfilled and happy. Create your own path to achieving your dreams and goals.

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