7 Pakistani migrants granted Indian citizenship in Rajasthan


Seven migrants from Pakistan, including three couples, who have been living in Rajasthan, were on Friday granted Indian citizenship by Jaipur’s District Collector Antar Singh Nehra in his office.

Those who received the certificates included Jawahar Ram, Sonari Mai, Gojar Mai, Gordan Das, Ganesh Chand, Basan Mai and Arjan Singh.

Gordan Das, who has been living as a Pakistani migrant for 9 years in Mansarovar, said that he came here from Punjab province’ Rahimayar Khan situated in Pakistan.

“We came to India because of insecurity looming large over us as we could not see the future of our children there,” he said.

After receiving the citizenship certificate, these new Indian citizens expressed confidence of ensuring all the rights to their children. Besides, they will also enjoy the benefits of all the employment and government facilities and schemes, officials said.

Additional District Collector Dakshin Shankarlal Saini was also present on the occasion.

The Pakistani migrants who were granted citizenship, settled here between 7 and 15 years ago.

Nehra also congratulated all the citizens on getting the citizenship and hoped that all of them would contribute in the development of the nation as a good citizen while serving the country.

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