64 people from Pakistan receive Indian citizenship certificates

Sixty four people belonging to the Sindhi community of Pakistan and residing in Indore have finally received Indian citizenship certificates.

Pardeep Lajomal Talreja, one of the persons who received the citizenship certificate and living in Indore, said that with the help of Bharatiya Janata Party MP Shankar Lalwani and the district administration, not only he but also his wife Lata Kumari Talreja and Narayandas Lajomal Talreja have received their Indian citizenship certificates.

Talreja said he used to live in the Sindh province of Pakistan. After being a victim of atrocities on minority communities in Pakistan, he along with his family moved to India from Pakistan about 13 years ago in 2008. After coming to India, he was regarded as a refugee by the Central government and since then he has been residing in Indore.

He said he is happy to be in India. He thanked the Government of India and the district administration for their support.

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