6 Days in Cuba: The BEST Cuba 6-Day Itinerary

Cuba is one of the most astonishingly beautiful islands located in the Caribbean. It is a nation of legendary history, stunning architecture, and impressive natural wonders that have turned the country into one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the area. Visitors cannot have enough of the colonial buildings, the fertile valleys, the plunging waterfalls, and the seemingly endless white beaches full of sand as pure as snow. 

All these magnificent features make Cuba be a real magnet for tourists from different parts of the world. One day is not enough for you to properly tour and enjoy this country, so a six-day tour will be an excellent idea, and that is why this itinerary is coming up. With this travel guide, you are going to find it a lot easier to travel around this fantastic island. 

What You Should Know About Cuba

Tourists may find the currency a bit confusing, and that is because there are two of them, there is the Cuban peso for the local people and that is known as the CUP. Then there is the Cuban Peso Convertible, also referred to as the CUC, and is used by the tourists. 

You must know that you cannot obtain CUP if you are outside the country. If you are a tourist coming in with a foreign credit card and approach the automatic teller machine, you will be paid in the CUC so you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, it’s a great idea to drive and you may need an international driving permit which International Driver’s Association can provide.

Six-Day Itinerary in Cuba

DAY 1: Getting to Havana

This is your first day and you land at the majestic Havana International Airport with all excitement and expectations of adventure. There are easy ways for you to get directly to the center of the city straight from the airport. On the first day, you can walk all over Old Havana, enjoy glasses of original mojito and dine at any of the authentic Cuban restaurants. You can also take a break and attend any of the vibrant clubs and night dance performances. 

DAY 2: Tour Old Havana, Vedado, and Malecon

It is nice if you can embark on a route that will take you all across some of the most important portions of the city. You can commence from the wide roads down to the Vedado axis across the Revolution Square to Chinatown. In the afternoon you can go round Old Havana and cruise until the sunsets. 

DAY 3: Cruising from Havana to Vinales

Get a rented vehicle and enjoy your morning visiting the most popular beach next to the Habaneros and that of course, is the Playa del Este. There are online platforms that you can use to get the most competitive prices and the most efficient ways by which you can get from one area to the other within the region. 

When it is noon, you can choose to have your meals on the beach or even conduct visits to the Marina Hemingway and Miramar areas. Once it is afternoon, you can commence your move to Vinales, finishing it up at Pinar del Rio, then you spend your night in Vinales. 

DAY 4: Enjoy Vinales 

By just strolling across the fields of Vinales, you will be treated to some of the marvelous sights on the island. When you are doing your trekking across the expansive plantations of tobacco and via various caves, you are going to experience a feeling like never before. You can get accommodation in any of the local villages or inns. 

DAY 5: Explore Cay Jutias and Head to Havana

You head out with the rising of the sun to explore some of the most stunning places in the serene cays of the island in Cayo Jutias. Once you have had your fill, you can commence your trip back to Havana, where you enjoy your dinners. 

DAY 6: Fly Out of the Charming Island

If you still have some hours left, you can do another quick tour of Havana and once that is done, you can get any of the cab drivers to take you to the airport. As you leave Cuba, you will undoubtedly be thinking of the next time you are going to return to the unforgettable island. 

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