5 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Home Design for 2021


As the pandemic continues to rage on, homeowners search for ways to make their homes a little more accommodating based on their needs. In a Q4 survey released by Homelight, top selling real estate agents share what popular home design trends they’re seeing in their market. 

Let’s take a look at the top five ways that the pandemic will shape home design in 2021.

1. Home offices must be functional and stylish

As businesses consider making remote work a permanent policy, employees are eager to have their very own home office so they can close the door and get their work done with minimal distraction. Home offices are especially important to those who have several people working or learning from home because it’ll allow everyone to keep their supplies organized for the day ahead. 

Homeowners are interested in outfitting their offices with stylish furniture, cabinets and shelves for organization, and even little touches that make the space feel more inviting and inspiring.

2. Outdoor living spaces are an extension of the home

There’s nothing like going outside to get a bit of fresh air after being stuck inside. But, what fun is it to go outside if you’re sitting on a plastic lawn chair staring at a yard full of weeds and dead grass? It’s not necessarily a nice place to be!

Homeowners are taking a larger interest in their yards and it’s showing. They’re going the extra mile to hire landscapers to professionally cultivate a yard with curb appeal that’s worthy of envy. Homeowners are investing in new patios or decks so they can enjoy the sunshine, eat meals, and spend time with loved ones. They’re even planting gardens, trees and shrubbery to give their home a more inviting aesthetic. 

3. In-ground swimming pools are a hot commodity

Along with improving their overall outdoor living spaces, homeowners are building recreational spaces like a children’s play area and, more specifically, an in-ground pool. The pools are a good source of family fun, but they also add some value to your home should you decide to put it up for sale.

4. Homeowners want multipurpose rooms

Folks who live in a home that is lacking in square footage understand the need of having items that serve several purposes. Now that they’ve been home more often than not, they are looking for ways to turn their existing space into one that can serve different purposes. For example, instead of working from the dining room, they’ll use a guest room as a makeshift office. They’ll set up a workout station in the garage or they may finish the attic to serve as extra storage space and a place to relax. You get the idea.

5. Multigenerational living spaces are in demand

COVID-19 has made life a bit of a challenge for many and with the virus going unchecked, people are afraid to leave their elderly in retirement facilities. Family members who used to live on campus are now staying at home. Some households are even welcoming friends to live with them because they lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to pay rent or their mortgage. 

Whatever the circumstances are, homeowners are creating multigenerational living spaces to accommodate the extra people living in the home. Some homeowners are keeping it simple by just building a bathroom onto an existing bedroom. Some are turning their basement into an apartment complete with a kitchenette, living space, bedroom and bathroom. Why, some are even going the extra mile by building a complete addition!

Owning a home is all about investment and making changes to suit your life. These are just a few ways the pandemic has reshaped home design in 2021. If you’re thinking about listing your home and want to appeal to the largest pool of buyers, ask your agent which upgrades and features are most popular in your area!

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