Yogi government to prepare health cards in rural areas

Taking forward its commitment to provide better health services and prevent spread of the corona infection in the rural areas, the Yogi Adityanath government will now prepare a health report card of the people living around the wellness centres.

These health wellness centres are run by the Ayush Department in the rural areas and also offer traditional medicinal facilities.

According to the government spokesman, the health cards will be prepared with the help of the Angandwadi workers and the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) by going from door to door and collecting data about health status of the residents.

On the basis of the health card, the Ayush department will be imparting knowledge on how to prevent diseases with the help of Ayurveda and will also encourage people to plant medicinal plants.

Dr. Ashok of the Ayush department said, “Ayurvedic medicines have played an important role in preventing the corona infection even as the country’s oldest medicinal system has gained popularity during the pandemic. The Ayush department’s health card in the rural areas for the people living around wellness centres will help improve the health profile of a particular area.”

People will also be told about the benefits of Yoga and its importance in preventing diseases. Through awareness programmes, people will also be told about the ways to prevent serious diseases, he added.

The Ayush department will also be planting medicinal plants, including Tulsi and Aloe Vera in the houses of villagers and they will also be informed about the diseases in which these plants can be used.

“Medicinal plants are very useful in treating minor diseases and very helpful for the digestive system. They are also a good health supplement in daily life,” the spokesman said.

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