Wireless Car Charger – How Long Does It Last?

Everything has a lifespan. From the high-end items we buy to the low-budget ones, you can be sure that it will get to a point of not working. A wireless car charger is no exception to this rule. Therefore, it only works for so long.

But the good thing is that you can maintain it longer. If you use the right tips for maintaining a wireless car charger, you can almost be certain that it will last long. Modern versions have enhanced features that help them last a bit longer than the earlier models. Yes, it may not last forever, but the care you give to your wireless car charger will determine how long it lasts. Here’s what you need to do:

Avoid Placing the Wireless Car Charger in Direct Sunlight

Heat doesn’t go so well with a wireless car charger. Thus, you have to be careful in terms of your positioning. If you must install the charger on the dashboard, then try and ensure that it isn’t in a direct line of sight with the sun. Or when you’re parking your car, ensure that you position it well under a shade. This helps to safeguard the charger.

Excess heat can equally damage your phone’s battery when it’s charging. Thus, it would go a long way to prevent heat impact from the sun. If possible, position the charger on the AC vent clip. At least at this point, it receives the breeze from the air conditioning unit. And this helps it cool down. Overheating is another problem this fan can solve. In fact, most of the wireless car chargers have an in-built fan to prevent this problem too.

Don’t Use a Wallet Case on a Wireless Car Charger

In case you’re using a wallet case that holds your credit cards and other items, remove it first before setting the phone on top of the wireless car charger. These wireless chargers utilize electromagnetic technology. And credit cards coming in between the phone and the charger affects the flow of current. Credit cards have a magnetic stripe that you use to swipe on the ATM machines.

In fact, the electromagnetic field caused by the wireless car charger can demagnetize these stripes. And this renders the card useless. But the good thing is that you can prevent all of this from happening by simply removing the phone case.

If You Must Use a Case, Then Choose a Compatible One

Most wireless car chargers work with cases that are less than 3mm thick. If you have a case that’s thicker than this, then you need to remove it for the charging process to take place smoothly. Using cases that are too thick blocks the electromagnetic current from flowing through and getting to the battery.

Again, using a thick case causes more heat generation. And we cannot emphasize more about the dangers of overheating to your battery and charger. Besides, your phone is likely to cut off charging when it senses overheating. Most of the modern phones coming out have this brilliant feature.

Place Your Phone at the Center of the Wireless Car Charger

Do you know why it’s important that you place your phone at the center of the wireless car charger? The answer is based on the basic mode of operation behind a wireless car charger. It works by inducing an electromagnetic field. And the copper coil that creates this field is mostly centered in a majority of chargers. Therefore, it would be most appropriate to place your phone in the middle, so that it can accrue the full benefits of the charging process.

Use a Compatible Wireless Car Charger

The basic standard of wireless charging is Qi. And you need to ensure that your phone uses the same technology as the charger. The Qi standard is from the wireless power consortium. It is the most common charging standard used by most brands in the market. Using an incompatible charger will not work for your device.

Install the Wireless Car Charger firmly

Sometimes the number one problem your charger fails to last long is because of the installation. It keeps on hitting hard surfaces when moving through bumpy and rough terrain. And can even fall down and shatter completely.

One thing you need to understand about a wireless car charger is that it has a high sensitivity. Due to its construction, i.e. the coils, hard drops can affect its performance. Whether you’re installing it on the dashboard, AC vent, or on the windshield, you have to be careful. Don’t just install it in a hurry without even going through the user manual. This manual should act as a guide to help you through. The advantage of a thorough installation is that your phone won’t shake much – it’ll be firm.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some of the ways you can use to make your wireless car charger last longer. It won’t last forever, but it can last long enough if you use it appropriately.

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