Why You Should Give Your Special Man Custom Wallets


Custom wallets are a great gift idea for any occasion. A wallet is special enough for birthdays and anniversaries, more so if customized. Also, it is elegant in a sense that not many really give their wallets that much attention. It is practical and useful and who would not want to receive a genuine leather wallet. Leather wallets are a thing of beauty, it is a classic in terms of design and speaks of a well-cultured individual. So, if you are wondering what to give the special man in your life on his special day or any other occasion for that matter, the safest choice would be to get him custom wallets. In reality, a wallet is a practical thing as it can keep all the valuables you bring with you like credit cards, money, and identification cards. Most of the time, we just stuff all of this on a bag, and spend minutes rummaging through the bag to find it when needed, everything would be easier if it was all in a wallet. But men are notorious for not buying their own wallets, they can buy clothes, bags, shoes, belts, and hats but not wallets. Thus, you can be sure that when you buy one, it will be put to good use.

What Are Custom Wallets? 

Custom wallets are men’s bifold wallets that can be customized and personalized with an inscription such as a name or a special message. It is made from genuine Argentinian leather, sleek and shiny and so soft and only gets better with age. It comes in a classic and elegant design fit for the sophisticated man, it can hold a number of cards, bills and identification cards, and other important stuff such as medical cards and tags. It is guaranteed to not warp or bulge or damage its form even if it is fully loaded with your personal stuff. Since it is made from genuine leather, it is sturdy and can last for a long time, it only softens and becomes shinier as you use it. It can be personalized with an inscription that can be stamped into genuine leather, it can be a name or a term of endearment. If you want a longer message it can be sewn into the inner lining of the wallet. With the proper care, your wallet is expected to last for years to come. It is a great gift since it can be used on a daily basis, it is also something that every person needs because it is such a bother to be without a wallet. Even if most transactions nowadays are online or cashless, you still need something to hold your valuable credit cards, ATMs, and identification cards. Lastly, it can go with any outfit, from the rugged cowboy look to the sleek modern look and even to the shirt and jeans laid back look. Even the pickiest man will appreciate receiving a custom wallet, and honestly, it is such a beauty that your special someone would really thank you for giving them one.

Where To Get Custom Wallets

Genuine leather custom wallets can be found in online shops that you can visit and browse through at any time of the day. The thing with an online store is that it can be accessed whenever you want to but not every online store sells high-quality custom wallets. You need to make sure that the store has the genuine Argentinian leather wallets that you want. You can tell by the pictures of the item that it is made from genuine leather and not artificial leather. Also, the store at least should provide a guarantee that the wallets they are selling are indeed made from natural leather. The custom wallets only have one design and a limited number of colors, so if the wallets they have are too colorful and have various designs then it is not the genuine ones. Once you have ascertained that it is the right genuine leather wallets, then you can choose whether to put an inscription on the wallet or not. Some people may not want their name or a message in a wallet, so check first if you are giving it to someone if they are amenable to it. It is best to keep the inscription simple in keeping with the elegance of the custom wallets. But if you want to impart an important message or endearment for the recipient then you could also choose to do so just communicate it to the customer service staff of the store. When this is done, you can ask for a sample of their work and approve it only if you are satisfied with the quality. You can now check out your order and then have it delivered to your home or directly to the one you are giving it to, you can even have it packaged as a gift which the recipient will directly get.

How To Care For The Custom Wallets

Once the custom wallets have been delivered, you can expect a sweet message of thanks and appreciation for it, take this time to explain to your special someone that there are a number of things that he or she should do to make sure that the wallets will retain its beauty and will last for a long time. As with every genuine natural leather, it is important to not wash it with soap as it destroys the grain and quality of the leather. Stains should be cleaned immediately as older stains might not come off anymore. It is best to wipe the inside and the outside of the wallet with water and vinegar, do not by any means submerge the wallet in water. After wiping it clean, it should be air-dried or hanged but not in any direct heat or sunlight as it will make the leather crack. To retain its shine, you can apply leather conditioners but use only a very small amount. Lastly, make sure that there are no sharp objects inside the wallet as it may tear the wallet without them even knowing it and the wallet gets damaged and the contents lost.

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