Why You Need a Wallet Tracker

Picture this; you overslept and are now late for work. You’d probably wash your face as quickly as you can and throw on your work clothes and dash for the door. While you’re on your way and a bit more composed, you’d reach into your pocket and realize that you forgot your wallet. Alternatively, in all the haste, someone might have stolen it. In either case, you’d be pretty worried. 

Granted. Your wallet contains cash, credit cards, business cards, licenses, mementos, and practically a massive chunk of your life. Losing your wallet or not knowing where it is would send anyone into a frenzy. However, the one guy who invested in a wallet tracker would take a deep breath and open up an app on his phone. 

Wallet trackers – what are they, and why do you need them? In a nutshell, you need one. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about wallet trackers and their perks – so lets start!

What is a Wallet Tracker?

There are two components to a traditional wallet tracker; a Bluetooth or GPS enabled card and a mobile phone application. There are exceptions to this rule; wallet trackers with remotes and different designs. However, they’re usually cards that can easily slide into your wallet. 

A wallet tracker (as the name implies) slides into any compartment of your wallet and can be accessed with a remote application. Most trackers are Bluetooth enabled and therefore need to be within a specific range. Some are GPS enabled and can be visualized on a map on the application. 

In either case, if you were to misplace your wallet, you could access the application and ‘call’ the chip inside of the card. Wallet trackers can be customized from a range of ringtones and settings. Hence, when you call the card, it would give off a distinct sound. Just follow the sound to locate your wallet. 

Why Do You Need it?

The real question would be, ‘why don’t you?’ In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about your wallet getting stolen, or you would have a photographic memory to locate it each time it isn’t where you think it is. Sadly, the world is far from ideal. 

Which makes wallet trackers essential purchases to keep track of their wallets, bags, and purses. If it has anything remotely important to you, you should be able to locate it if and when it’s misplaced. The alternative would be to wait and hope for the best. The chances of you finding your wallet by waiting compared to having an aid are pretty slim. Read: close to none.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Perhaps the only thing people are concerned about is the fact that a wallet tracker can only locate your wallet via calling it or making a sound if it’s within the Bluetooth range. However, manufacturers have come up with a solution by allowing users remote access to the wallet’s last seen location on the application. 

This also comes in handy in police investigations if they could access those locations and then follow up from thereon. Some people are also concerned about the fact that a wallet tracker might not seem as discrete. However, several designs are available to make them look as conspicuous as possible – you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a wallet tracker and a credit card. 

The bottom line is that wallet trackers are becoming increasingly popular due to their general use plus added features. The customization allows the tracker to be as personal as possible and helps the owner locate their wallet quickly and easily. 

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