Why feeling Vulnerable and jeopardised is a shortcut to failure for leaders?

Life is a set of experiences. Some of these experiences are good, while others are, as you know, bad. There are also days when things don’t go our way, and we meet with painful failure. Through all these diverse experiences of life, there is only one mystery to success that will never fail you, and that is: always make sure that you are not vulnerable and jeopardised.

One of the most common ways through which people get jeopardised is through their thoughts. This is so particularly true when it comes to the unconscious mind. What makes this even so alarming is the fact that very few people usually understand that they are compromised. As a result, they typically suffer without really knowing that they could have actually stopped such suffering by simply being aware and careful. Therefore, success in life and business ends up defenselessness them simply because they did not actively prevent the fragility and vulnerability that results from not fully controlling their minds.

The bombardment of social expectations that we meet from the time we are born is usually the origin of this infiltration. Since the unconscious mind is generally attentive all the time and rarely “forgets”, these social expectations usually accustom us into a particular way of thinking that derails us from our real designed purpose more often than not. As a result, we tend to lose our individuality in exchange for what society demands us to do and become, and as such, we end up wasting our chance at being really successful and happy. This is especially true considering that the only true key to success in business and life lies in our ability to pursue our dreams.

What we usually point to as “experience” is also the other way through which our minds get jeopardised. The disappointments and fears that we face in this world typically tend to program our minds in such a way that it becomes blind to possibilities for happiness and success. This is because such “experiences” usually build a sense of doubt and affect our self-confidence. There is also the negative attitude that “negative” experiences naturally form in us without any outside force.

Since this “infiltration” happens through the unconscious mind, the key to success in business and in life relies on protecting our subconscious minds from such influences. One of the most effective ways to do this is through self-affirmation techniques, which are effective not only in getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts but also in inculcating positive thoughts in our minds. Effectively using these techniques is, therefore, an essential key to success.

Self-Affirmation Technique- How to Follow?

  1. Start with the alphabet ‘I am.’ These are the two most powerful words in the present era
  2. Always speak in the present tense, stop lingering in the past or worrying about the future. 
  3. Keep everything you wish to speak/think as brief as possible. Cover all bases but don’t dig your thoughts and find problems in them. 
  4. Be specific when it comes to goal setting. Vague goals will murder your confidence. 

Develop Self-Affirmation and decrease your chances of feeling vulnerable and jeopardised.

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