What Makes a Relationship ‘Healthy’

  1. Do you feel safe with your partner? 
  2. Do you love spending time with your partner? 
  3. Do you feel good about yourself when you are with her/him? 

I hope you could respond yes to everything because that would mean you are in a healthy relationship. Far too many people seem to expect everything to fall automatically; real life is not like that. If you want it to happen, you will have to dedicate energy, care, and time. So what makes a relationship ‘healthy’?

Your best opportunity is to be with someone you like and be your excellent friend. While opposite ends do attract, if you are creating a relationship with someone you like, with whom you share the same interest, you already have something in common, making it far more natural to develop a bond.

While you are both identical halves of the relationship, you are still different individuals. Both of you had your own lives before you met with friends, families, hobbies, and interests. You do not entirely give up your past when you form a new band. It is healthy for you to have a life outside love because it lets you bring in new experiences and ideas and push the relationship forward.

Spending quality time together is necessary to establish your connection, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company. Time spent together should not be coveted from hectic schedules, only to be replaced if something more important comes up. There is nothing so important as your relationship. That is what the two of you are all about. If you do not spend time together, you will float away. Regardless of what commitments you have, you should try for some time once a week, more if you can manage it. You do not have to do anything fancy. You can go for a walk or curl up and watch Netflix, or why not go wild and shock your partner.

Without communication, you do not have any relationship, just a worthless opportunity. Be open and honest with each other because if you are keeping something back, then you are putting up walls with your partner if your partner cannot have a relationship with the whole of you, then is it a true relationship? Do not drop obscure hints and then frown because they were not picked up on, be frank in what you need. If you have something to say, then say it, do not bottle things up because you think that it is not what your partner wants to hear or you believe that it sounds silly, just say it. You both share each others’ lives, so how can your partner help and support you if they do not know what the problem is.

It would be best if you had respect for each other. You fell for someone because aside from looks, they had characteristics and personality that appealed to you. It would help if you valued your partner for who they are and do not try and change them into something that they are not. You committed to being with each other, and that commitment has to be absolute for the good times and the bad. You are your partner’s guarantee of unconditional support; you have to be someone that they can laugh with, shout at, a shoulder to cry on. You are the person who is always there for them.

What makes a healthy relationship is the willingness to commit to it regardless of what the world throws at you. Your desire to do what you can for your partner without any thought of reward. It is the willingness of both of you to share each other’s lives, strengthen and nurture each other, and move into the future together.

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