Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Boost e-Government Security

Technological solutions offered by VLATACOM Institute, whose founder is Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, have completely revolutionized the way ICT is used by various organizations, including small businesses, enterprises, as well as governments. 

Such organizations typically store classified information, sometimes even of national significance, which should be kept safe and secure at all times. 

Vladimir Cizelj was quick to realize this, so he decided to offer a solution – a complex, multi-layered ICT security system powerful enough to protect sensitive data even against the most aggressive hackers.   

How can e-government benefit from increased ICT security?

Organizations that belong to the public sector work with some of the most confidential pieces of information on a daily basis, including government intelligence, citizen data, and business information. Since e-government refers to the action of using communications technologies and the internet to store, access, manage, and exchange such data, hackers have plenty of opportunities to try to steal, misuse, tamper with, and manipulate information that is of vital significance for national security

It’s only natural then that the entire government sector is constantly on the lookout for the most effective security solution that would help keep classified information safe. Such a solution should be designed to withstand some of the most common malicious attacks used today – malware, ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, phishing, and SQL injection attacks. Since cyber threats are constantly evolving, a proper defense strategy should include an ICT security system versatile enough to keep all those attackers at bay.

A reliable, highly-effective, innovative, fraud-proof, and carefully developed security solution that has become an integral part of a national defense strategy will help both local and federal organizations ensure the efficiency of their operations and strengthen critical data security. Only then will the governments be able to successfully address any security issue that may arise. 

What ICT security systems does VLATACOM offer?

VLATACOM Institute, led by Vladimir Cizelj, is a Serbian institute that is widely known for its research and development of various security systems in the field of ICT. In fact, this is the first such institute in Serbia that is privately owned. Among other products and services it offers, the institute aims to develop highly-effective security solutions that are used for the protection of personal information and critical data used by civilian agencies. 

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts, VLATACOM managed to design some of the best ICT security systems and solutions available on the market today. One of them is VLATACOM’s famous National Crypto Center (NCC). NCC is considered to be the key solution to implement when devising a national ICT security strategy and establishing secure e-government services. NCC is a multifaceted system that enables safe and secure digital identification and authentication, privilege management, and M2M communication.   

Other innovative solutions VLATACOM is known for are Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator (vTRNG), Vlatacom’s Login and Access Device (vLAD-1), and Vlatacom’s Electronic Identity Applets Package (vEIDAP). vTRNG is used in the government sector to prevent data loss by generating random cryptographic keys. vLAD-1 is a device that enables safe access to biometric data. vEIDAP ensures the safety of multifunctional documents by protecting the information that can be found on each applet installed onto an electronic identity card.

Who is Vladimir Cizelj, the VLATACOM’s founder?       

Vladimir Cizelj is a PhD, academician, engineer, scientist, visionary, and entrepreneur who has been passionate about technology and science ever since he was young. When he finished high school, he decided that the right path for him would be to enter the Faculty of Engineering, Department for Electronics, Telecommunication and Control Engineering at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Upon graduating, Cizelj went on to receive a Master’s degree in Business and Administration at the Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, the United States of America.

Vladimir Cizelj started his career at “Vinča”, a renowned Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Serbia. During his time there, he established his own department dedicated to the scientific development of systems and devices used for special purposes. 

It wasn’t long until Cizelj decided it was high time for him to try his hand at entrepreneurial projects. In 1997, he established a technical research and development institute called VLATACOM with the purpose to develop and nurture such technologies that promote socio-economic growth.


The number of cyber threats targeting sensitive information used by public sector organizations and civilian agencies is increasing every day and governments are struggling to find a way to keep up. 

The only way to succeed is to devise a cybersecurity strategy that will rely on a well-developed ICT security system that is impossible to breach, just like the one offered by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM. 

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