Virgo Weekly Horoscope 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2021

Love and Relationships

Casual dating is on the cards during this week. It is a favourable time if you are looking for some non-serious relationship. You may enjoy exciting encounters with your partner and enjoy the pleasures to the fullest. You may develop a soft corner for a certain person but such developments are better kept confidential. You will enjoy coffee & conversations and in all likelihood, you will share some romantic conversations. You may get into new relationships and some old ones may begin to phase out or lose their importance.


New ideas and new companions may take you towards your goals this week. As the week begins, the flow of your energy will bring you lots of insights. You may develop some new skills and thus progress considerably as the week moves on. During the latter part of the week, it may be important for you to expand your horizons and take maximum advantage of the knowledge or skills which you have received from your mentors and teachers.


You should accord due importance to your health, especially at the beginning of this week. An uneasiness may lead to headaches and mood swings. Too much work-related stress or travelling may make you feel tired. Sufficient rest and good sleep may help you remain fit. Make sure that you practice strict discipline in your diet and keep yourself calm to remain fit and fine. You may get better planetary support during the latter part of this week hence your mental and physical health will be in much better shape then.


You may have good planetary support to enhance your financial potential this week. Your focus should not be mainly on improving your earnings; financial management should also be one of your top priorities. Around mid-week, it may be difficult to resist the temptation of buying something you like a lot. You may have enough cash reserves to fulfil your desires. However, you should practice restraint as some unexpected expenses are on the cards around the weekend. So, it will be all the more important to focus on your priorities this week.


A sense of positivity will prevail in your career this week. But, not all the time. In fact, around mid-week, you may face challenges in your career. Your patience and ability to slog will be put to test. You should keep yourself motivated as self-motivation is the only way to pass this test successfully. Looking at your abilities, you may be assigned an important task around the weekend. So, amid some challenges, you may get to display your abilities. Businesspersons should not make any deals in a hurry this week.

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