Virgo Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

The stars are favourably aligned for those seeking a life partner. It indicates that your love life will blossom during this week. But you should remain cautious while taking things further as your hasty commitments may backfire. You may get into arguments with your mate over trivial matters around mid-week. You may sort things out and maintain a positive relationship with your loved ones. You should be interested in your romantic life and know how you can smoothen your ruffled feathers.


Your hard work may contribute to your success this week. But some stray thoughts may interfere and distract your attention around the mid-week. This may divert your focus from studies and hamper your progress. You will need hard work and sustained efforts to taste success in your studies. During the latter part of the week, you will improve your knowledge by taking part in cultural and other similar activities.


Your vitality and energy level will stay good but there is also the possibility of digestion problems around the mid-week. However, you can regain your vitality as the week progresses. You should beat your lethargy and follow a regime that is healthier and consistent to remain fit and fine. Cosmic forces will support you this week, provided you remain sincere and responsible. It is also a good time for fasting, herbal detoxing and undergoing healing treatments which will make your health better.


The week may begin with some welcome opportunities on the financial front. At the same time, planets may propel you to take ambitious steps for financial gains. However, you must guard against any hasty decisions, confusion and illusions. If you invest money in any risky instruments around the middle of this week, your decision may backfire. You can invest around the weekend, then you will find better planetary support for making financial gains. You will make better financial deals around the weekend.


During this week, you shall aspire higher. You will try to take maximum advantage and soothe your ruffled feather Your seniors and co-workers will be more accommodating. And, you will be more accepting about the realities of life. You should use positive planetary energy to create harmony between your work/ business and personal sphere. There may be something promising for you in-store around the weekend. Besides, someone important and influential may get in touch with you. You should take advantage of such contacts to boost your career prospects. Businesspersons may get the opportunity to enter a lucrative deal.

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