Virgo Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

Love will be in the air as you may get carried away by emotions and be more hurried in taking a new relationship to the next level. You should be more stable in your relationships. Make sure you focus on your priorities and plan things accordingly. Stars predict that you may need to keep your temper under control or else you may get into arguments with your loved ones. Fortunately, as some planetary placements are working in your favour, you may calm down which may ease some of your relationships from getting strained. Ensure that you keep a considerate and committed approach to avoid major misunderstandings during the period.


The progress in your education will be fine this week. However, there are chances that students may get into minor disagreements with friends which may disrupt your studies around mid-week. Make sure you don’t get over-emotional and maintain balanced behaviour. Keeping good relations with your friends may help you in future. Besides, students will show improvement in your performance, you will get back on the right track during the latter part of the week. If you take part in co-curricular activities and cultural fests, it may help you in your overall development.


Health will remain average as seasonal ailments may engulf you. All you may need to do is consume nutritious food along with regular physical exercise, this may help you remain fit and fine. You may be able to exhibit good health parameters, however, Ganesha advises you to adhere to a strict diet chart and follow some cardiovascular exercises to maintain healthy oxygen levels. This will eventually help you keep major issues at bay.


Despite obstacles and heavy workload, the time will be favourable for you on the financial front. But, you should ensure that you don’t loosen the purse string too much around mid-week. Though there may be some expenses, you should see to it that you keep some reserves for contingency needs. This will eventually help you cut down on your expenses and enhance your savings. Overall, it may be a promising period to plan out a budget and maintain good financial stability throughout the week.


Individuals who are looking for a job may come across interesting opportunities during this week. It’s a progressive period for career growth. However, there may be some uncertainties and confusion in the initial part of the week. Although, these may start working in your favour as you will work hard and deal with matters smartly. Around the mid-week, you may clear the air and positively by the second half of the week, tensions may ease on the career front. Business expansion is also foreseen during this phase. Your newly launched product may yield good results. In the latter part of the week, you will excel in your business acumen.

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