Understanding Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping

Having trees on your property means you are responsible for their care and trees need more looking after than many people realise. Trees can sicken, damage can happen during harsh weather conditions, and they grow and change so may start to affect lines over them, buildings close to them. With loose branches, disease and roots sticking out of the ground, uncared for trees can cause damage and are a big safety concern. It is important to find a local expert tree service to handle this, it is safer for you and they know what they are doing. One of the services they offer is tree lopping. So here is a look at why you need to find tree loppers near me!

What is tree lopping?

There are a number of duties expert tree professionals can carry out and tree lopping is just one of them. Tree lopping is the removal of tree branches and cutting branches right down and dealing with lateral branches that are not required for the tree’s growth. There are two main reasons for lopping, there is the need to remove branches that might be a safety issue and then there is aesthetic lopping to control the appearance of the tree.

Aesthetic lopping

Lopping is one of the methods used to make your trees look better and encourage them to grow in a form that is more pleasing for you. Experienced tree lopping Sydney services have the techniques and training to properly trim a tree so that it looks tidier and more attractive. Aesthetic tree lopping is not always the best approach for every tree as going too far can have an impact on the stability of the tree and its health. Cutting too many branches removes the leaves and that can leave the tree in a weakened state as it is not able to process the nutrients it needs. It is more open to attack from parasites too. So be careful with any aesthetic tree lopping that happens.

Healthy lopping

When done carefully by an expert pruning and lopping service you can help your trees become stronger, more stable and healthier. Lopping can help correct how new branches grow and is especially useful for flower-bearing and fruit trees. Removing dead branches gets rid of where the bugs, moulds and such that like to live and damage the tree. Those pests sometimes make their way to your house and cause issues there too.

Using tree loppers near me is a way to keep yourself and your property safe as well. Dead or broken branches can fall on people, lines, and buildings. An unattended tree with damaged branches is a serious issue. It is also a way to protect your lawn and garden. An overgrown tree that is not allowing sunlight down might be causing your lawn and garden beneath the tree to suffer because of not enough sun and not able to get the nutrients they need.


A tree lopping Sydney based service can really help you look after your trees. When you invest in that you are also protecting yourself, people who use your garden and your property too.

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