Transforming New Year into ‘NOW’ Year


A lizard hanging from the ceiling! That’s what I woke up to on my first day of 2021. My first impulsive reaction was to grab a newspaper nearby and kill the innocent offender, which is what I would have habitually done in the past. But, based on the article’s title, I chose to take said newspaper and guide the soon-to-be mama outside, freeing it to the wonders beyond.

It got me wondering about how fresh and bold 2021 is going to be. And, my first act of making this a ‘don’t smash poor reptiles’ year, rather than just a new year and changing the habit to the ‘breaking the status-quo’ and moving from the past or present to the now!

The only way you can make 2021 better is by ‘letting go.’ Oh! Another generic statement coming from a blogger, right? A prejudiced approach towards reading is not needed; trust me! Give this a chance and read on. 

Giving yourself amnesty for all old stories, past misgivings, unconscious behavior, and transgressions allows a great cause to reach into effect.

The great cause transforming into effect is the new perspective in 2021 with the power of the presence of mind and grace. This is how you genuinely start living in the present moment!

So, how to make 2021 a NOW year? Here are some ideas to get your headstrong:

  • Give yourself a 2021 theme – yearly themes are great to keep you inspired on your plans for the year. To keep you in a ‘NOW’ year, use the theme as support to guide you into the present moment, as a permanent reminder. My theme for 2021 is “Emotional Workout” What’s yours?
  • Stay connected – maintaining an open pipeline with Jesus (or any other god you adore) and a pooled connection with friends can be a vital way of taking you out of your expectations and fear and into the present.
  • Open Your Eyes – You should work on maintaining and keeping all of your senses alive and aroused by encountering what life has to offer every single day. Don’t beover aggressive or passive; be active in your own divine life.
  • Just don’t look back – the disturbing past is the quickest way to take us out of them now. The pride grasps onto old stories stuck in the subconscious that holds us back from the most magnificent present. When you encounter negativity, or complaints, or gossips that stem from past beliefs, try saying, “That’s so 2020!” It sends the proper message that you’re finally living in the present and keeping yourself responsible for staying there.

Living in the now is the only route toward living the life you’re destined to live. 2021 is a decisive year for all of us. Now is the time to give ourselves the right to be all you’re destined to be.

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