Tips to get rid of mice

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Very often you may have wondered how to get rid of mice! A heavy mice infestation may desperately bring you in need of mice control services, especially in winter. With winters around, you will obviously be spending more time in your house, but it is not just you seeking shelter in your house. With temperature falling mice and rats also get inside your house in search of food and shelter. And once they are inside your home, you start noticing them.    

As soon as the number of these pesky pests rises, you start getting irritated. Mouse can enter your house through cracks and crevices in your foundation.  Mice are the most common rodents in London and hence, you may very often see their infestation in your house. The house mouse is grey or brown in color and can be a few inches in length. Rats may differ in color and range from brown to reddish grey or black and have a very long tail. 

Signs of mice infestation

Apart from physically noticing these critters inside your house, a lot of people realize that they have rodent infestation after seeing droppings and evidence of nesting. You may also see damage done to packaged food.

Mice leave droppings in their walking path, around their habitat and food sources. The droppings are in granular shape. You can assess the amount of infestation by looking at the amount of droppings.

Another sign of rodent infestation is greasy track on the floor or foot prints or tail tracks on the walls. The activities increase in winters inside the house.

How to get rid of mice?

Here are some ways of how to get rid of mice:

Cover the entry points: Check all the open points of your house, even a small hole and seal it with white cement. 

Bait stations: They are a good way to control mice. Use natural or synthetic bait stations near the mice housing place. When using toxic bait stations make sure you keep your pets and kids away.

Use mice traps: Place the traps at the places frequently visited by mice. Make use of two or more traps if the infestation is heavy.

Sanitation: Poor sanitation may attract mice to your house. Hence sanitize your house with good fragrance to keep them at bay.

Household remedies: Use mint leaves, boric acid and cinnamon sticks to get rid of mice.

Call pest control London: For immediate and best help, call pest control London. They will get rid of mice infestation from your house with the best pest control remedies.

Keep your house clean: Make sure your home doesn’t have too much rubbish or uncleaned area. A clean place keeps mice away.

Periodic checkups: Regular checkup for the presence of mice in your house will help you in controlling their spread.

Electric traps: To control mice, you can also use electric traps. Use it if you have too many mice at your place.

For large infestation, you can hire pest control London and get your interior completely cleaned. 

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