Tips for Fitting Aluminium Curtain Tracks

You must know how to put up curtain tracks before installing new curtains. Some people think of it as a daunting task. However, it is not that hard to put up curtain tracks. The first step obviously is to determine and purchase the curtain track from a reliable source such as and then proceed further.

Acquire the correct tools, and the proper installation instructions procedure and voila, you have got the skill of installing the curtain tracks by yourself. You do need to be careful with the measurements for the positioning. After that, you must install the brackets. Ensure the brackets are kept equidistant from the wall and on a strictly horizontal level. Afterwards, you may attach your aluminium tracks.

Follow the simple tips given below to install an Aluminium curtain track successfully:

  1. Gather the Required Tools
  2. You need the following tools for a proper installation;
  3. A tape measure, preferably metallic
  4. Pencil
  5. Plumb line
  6. Drill machine
  7. Screwdriver
  8. A plastic dust sheet
  9. Step ladder
  10. Pipe cutters or a hacksaw
  11. An assortment of nails and screws

Make sure that all these tools are available at hand before attempting an installation. It can be very frustrating to stop the work halfway and go out to purchase something missing. Additionally, make sure that you do not throw away the packaging or the receipt. It can be tough to return anything faulty without a receipt.

Check the Positioning of the Tracks 

You can position the curtain tracks in the window recess. If that’s not possible, you should set them in the wall approximately 10 to 15cm directly above the window recess’s horizontal edge. The optimal positioning of curtains tracks for a room with a tall ceiling is halfway between the recess and the ceiling. Finally, it would help if you took your time working out measurements very carefully for the specifically designed curtain lengths. It is the only way to ensure your curtains hang perfectly and beautifully.

Attach the Holding Brackets for Your Tracks

When you are happy and satisfied with the measurements and positioning, it is time to attach the holding brackets. They should be positioned almost 15cm on either side of the window recess. You must make sure that the track is sufficiently wide before placing the mark and proceeding with the drilling.

This stage requires another consideration on your part. Ensure that the brackets will not align vertically to any pipes or electricity sockets; especially, if the drilling can disrupt them.

You also need to ensure that the curtains will not end up knocking over any lamps or vases whenever someone closes them.

Lastly, you need to measure the distance from the floor to the point where you are installing the bracket. You may mark this point with a cross. Repeat this procedure on either side of the window.

Make Sure the Track Is Level

You need to make sure that the track is kept on a proper level. You may accomplish this task by running a string line from one height mark, directly to the other. Secure the string in place with two bradawls.

For confirmation, you may stand a little away from the window and check if the taut string line remains on a stable level to the eyes. Ensure that this level positioning is also in proportion to the coving or ceiling and the window recess.

For the sake of reference, you may use a spirit level. Regardless, it is better to keep the ceiling and the window recess as the standard for maintaining the level. Keep this suggestion in mind, especially if the ceiling or window recess is not perfectly horizontal.

Mark The Holes

The next step is to measure and mark the wall precisely between the two outer brack marks. Use a string line to make sure alignment is kept correct. This is how you may get an accurate marking for the central bracket.

If you fit a curtain track with multiple brackets, you can space them equally along the track’s width. Similar as above, use a string line to ensure all the brackets are in perfect alignment.

Make use of the correct drill bit because this kind of error is tough to fix. Drill pilot holes in the wall for the plugs and screws. Fix the bracket to the wall or window recess, as advised by the manufacturer.

Fit the Track

Once you have accurately marked and drilled the holes, the track will neatly fit into the brackets. You may tighten it into the place with the screws that are provided within the pack.

Enjoy your expertly installed curtains!

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